Sunday, September 29, 2019

Roles Reversed! Show tracks for Sat. Sept. 28/19

You had your choice of 2 shows last night. On CJAM 99.1FM was an encore performance of a show from April. So with not being able to do a live show this week I basically took what would have been the music for the live show and put together a special show for our Mixcloud page. Essentially the same as a live show but without me yammering
To listen to the encore broadcast on CJAM click here.
To hear the special new Mixcloud show click here.
Here is the track selection for the special Mixcloud show.

Robyn Hitchcock & Andy Partridge - Flight Attendants, Please Prepare For Love
Mark Morriss - All The Wrong People
Penelope Isles - Round
White Lies - Hurt My Heart
Walt Disco - Dancing Shoes
Scrounge - Badoom
The Damned - Eloise
Foals - Into The Surf
Honeyblood - Bubble Gun
Pumarosa - I See You
Adwaith - Hey
Los Bitchos - Pista (Great Start)
Comet Gain - Mid 8Ts
Right Hand Left Hand - Chacabuco (feat Taliesyn Kallstrom)
Demons Of Ruby Mae - Hero
Thousand Yard Stare - It Sparks!
Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds - Evil Flower
David Hasselhoff - Head On
Lande Hekt - Carpet
Black Honey - I Don't Ever Wanna Love
Lauren Tate - What About The Kids
Sera - Into the Woods
Temples - Holy Horses
Temples - The Beam
Temples - It's All Coming Out
The Electric Soft Parade - Roles Reversed
Codex Seraphini - Speaking In Tongues
Iyeara - Shout (feat. Liela Moss)
The Cult Of Dom Keller - Right Wrong (Night Beats cover)
Yak - Am I A Good Man?
Grey Hairs - Piss Transgressor
Ist Ist - Exist (Session)
Depeche Mode - Never Let Me Down Again
Tunnelvision - Watching The Hydroplanes
Feral Five - Ego
Clock Opera - Be Somebody Else
The Monochrome Set - Rest Unquiet Spirit
The Monochrome Set - Summer Of The Demon
The Monochrome Set - Come To Me Oh My Beautiful
Cross Wires - How To Detox Smokers Lungs
Brix & The Extricated - Wolves
The Smiths - Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me
Beabadoobee - I Wish I Was Stephen Malkmus
Smoke Fairies - Disconnect
The Mission - Beyond The Pale

Sunday, September 22, 2019

Kids Addicted! Show tracks for Sat. Sept. 21/19

hollie cook - dance in the sunshine
honeyblood - twisting the aces
field music - only in a man's world
red rum club - kid's addicted
sinead o'brien - a thing you call joy
comet gain - we're all fucking morons
hmltd - loaded
declan mckenna - british bombs
stereophonics - bust this town
liam gallagher - now that i've found you
liam gallagher - halo
blitz vega - lost and found
supergrass - mary
black box recorder - uptown top ranking
cocteau twins - carolyn's fingers
jemma freeman & the cosmic something - keytar (i was busy)
the motorcycle boy - big rock candy mountain
sunship balloon - up on the moon
-----northern soul spotlight
the caesars - girl i miss you
gloria edwards - (need nobody to help me) keep up with my man
peggy gaines - when the boy that you love
fred waters - don't let it get you down, boy
-----lp session - girl band 'the talkies'
girl band - couch combover
girl band - aibophobia
girl band - caveat
silent forum - spin
flowvers - she don't talk about it
the flavians - eloise
darling buds - free world (kirsty maccoll cover)
mark morriss - holiday of a lifetime
mark morriss - rimini
king nun - low flying dandelion
italia 90 - an episode
lumer - white tsar
one true pairing - i'm not afraid
one true pairing - dawn at the factory
-----lp session - life 'a picture of good health'
life - excites me
life - half pint fatherhood
life - niciities
flyte - sometimes
ian mcculloch - proud to fall
chappaqua wrestling - is she happy turning on her side?
the music - welcome to the north
dead naked hippies - eyes wide


Sunday, September 15, 2019

Stand By The Jams! Show tracks for Sat. Sept. 14/19

ride - end game
the soft cavalry - careless sun
palace - no other
the big moon - your light
lexytron - couples
pumarosa - heaven
suggested friends - for jokes
deux furieuses - my war is your war
robyn hitchcock & andy partridge - turn me on, deadman
temples - context
drones club - barcelona
sundowners - river run
verve - the drugs don't work
kate bush - leave it open
belle & sebastian - safety valve
belle & sebastian - another day, another night
-----amy winehouse birthday tribute
amy winehouse - i heard love is blind
amy winehouse - love is a losing game
amy winehouse - valerie (68 version)
amy winehouse - the girl from ipanema
amy winehouse - you know i'm no good
amy winehouse - you're wondering now
-----lp session - my life story 'world citizen'
my life story - broken
my life story - sent from heaven
my life story - the rose the sun
noel gallagher's high flying birds - a dream is all i need to get by
massive attack - teardrop (mazaruni dub one)
the klf - stand by the jams feat tammy wynette
colouring - oh my god!
fka twigs - holy terrain feat future
dry cleaning - sit down meal
nova twins - vortex
feet - petty thieving
bauhaus - kick in the eye
sports team - fishing
-----lp session - metronomy 'metronomy forever'
metronomy - insecurity
metronomy - lately
metronomy - the light
iwan gronow - in the mire
the cherry wave - reverse hisako
gruff rhys - fog of lies
gruff rhys - fingerprint / earmarks


Sunday, September 8, 2019

Dance In The Sunshine! Show tracks for Sat. Sept. 7/19

the fall - hey! student
the murder capital - feeling fades
crushed beaks - honesty box
johnny marr - the bright parade
nile marr - part time girl
noel gallagher's high flying birds - this is the place
inhaler - ice cream sundae
courteeners - heavy jacket
editors - black gold
black doldrums - those with a rope around their neck (don't always hang)
foals - the runner
new model army - maps
mekons - blow your tuneless trumpet
the jam - start!
the shambolics - chasing a disaster
wire - the other window
supergrass - caught by the fuzz
the slits - i heard it through the grapevine
hollie cook - dance in the sunshine
hollie cook - dub in the sunshine
alex opal - how it feels feat jam jam
brand new heavies - the letter a feat n'dea davenport
-----lp session - salad 'the salad way'
salad - you got the job
salad - details
salad - merryland
squid - savage
do nothing - gangs
odd morris - what might be
night flowers - fortune teller
bat for lashes - desert man
bat for lashes - so good
belle & sebastian - this letter
adwaith - wine time
shakespeare's sister - when she finds you feat richard hawley
miles kane - blame it on the summertime
-----lp session - beach baby 'songs from the limbo lounge'
beach baby - way too meta
beach baby - big wow
beach baby - dry clean
kele okereke - jungle bunny
average sex - come over
bute - disappear


Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Cowboys & Indies Monthly Indiessential charts 2019 - August Albums

The Best Of The British Indie/Alternative Scene

1. WHEN I HAVE FEARS (LP) ... The Murder Capital (Human Season Records)
2. POWERS (LP) ... The Futureheads (Nul Records)
3. THIS IS NOT A SAFE PLACE (LP) ... Ride (Wichita Recordings)
4. THE S.L.P. (LP) ... The S.L.P. (Columbia)
5. A DREAM IS U (LP) ... Francis Lung (Memphis Industries)
6. INFLORESCENT (LP) ... Friendly Fires (Polydor)
7. 0151 (LP) ... The Night Café (TNC Recordings)
8. THE OTHER ROOM (LP) ... Crushed Beaks (Clue Records)
9. THINGS THAT HURT (LP) ... Cultdreams (Big Scary Monsters)
10. ANY HUMAN FRIEND (LP) ... Marika Hackman (Sub Pop)
11. DAYS OF NO ONE (LP) ... High Hazels (High Hazels)
12. HOW TO LIVE (LP) ... Modern Nature (Bella Union)
13. FROM HERE (LP) ... New Model Army (Attack Attack Records)
14. PHOTOSYNTHESIS (LP) ... Babybird (Babybird)
15. TALLULAH (LP) ... Feeder (Believe)
16. FOREVHER (LP) ... Shura (Secretly Canadian)
17. 45 (LP) ... School Of Language (Memphis Industries)
18. GROSS NET MEANS GROSS NET (LP) ... Gross Net (Felte)
19. ANGEL'S PULSE (LP) ... Blood Orange (Domino)
20. GOOD LIFE (LP) ... Twin Galaxies (Twin Galaxies)

Compiled from playlists, listener requests and dj input for August 2019

Cowboys & Indies Monthly Indiessential charts 2019 - August Singles

The Best Of The British Indie/Alternative Scene

1. JUMP IN, THE WATER'S FINE ... The Wedding Present (Come Play With Me)
2. IT'S EASY THEN ... The Big Moon (Fiction Records)
3. SHOW ME MORE ... Girl Ray (Moshi Moshi Records)
4. TAKING MY SHADOW EP ... Dead Nature (Dead Nature Records)
5. THE BRIGHT PARADE ... Johnny Marr (New Voodoo Records)
6. SWEET PRINCESS EP ... Dry Cleaning (It's OK)
7. BLACK BULL ... Foals (Warner Records)
8. JUMP EP ... Little Boots (On Repeat Records)
9. EROTOMANIA ... Average Sex (O Genesis Recordings)
10. SUMMER ... Hurtling (Onomatopoeia Records)
11. AWKWARD ... Ghost Car (Greenway Records)
12. SAIL AWAY, SAY GOODBYE ... Swim Deep (Pop Committee)
13. GET WHAT YOU WANT ... Dutch Mustard (Spinnup)
14. BELICOSO ... Calva Louise (Ditto)
15. FIND A PLACE ... Jemma Freeman & The Cosmic Something (Trapped Animal Records)
16. SPANNERS FOR HANDS ... Roxy Girls (Moshi Moshi Records)
17. SEESAW ... Melts (804361 Records DK2)
18. DJANGO ... Pale Rider (Pale Rider)
19. SHE STOLE MY SKY ... Sunstinger (Fat Ghost)
20. NOTHING ... Honey Lung (Honey Lung)

Compiled from playlists, listener requests and dj input for August 2019

Sunday, September 1, 2019

Teenage Kicks! Show tracks for Sat. Aug. 31/19

John Peel would have turned 80 on Friday, Aug. 30th. Since he is our idol here at Cowboys & Indies and a major influence on Scott & I starting this show 30 years ago, we pay tribute to the British radio icon. One of his lasting contributions to music is the 'Peel Session'. Tonight we will feature a selection of Peel Sessions as well as a handful of new releases and a couple LP Sessions. We open the broadcast just as John did so long ago by playing Teenage Kicks twice in a row, with actual audio from Sept. 25/1978. Happy Birthday John Peel, your legacy is still being felt today. This is a quote of his which holds true for me til this day.
the undertones - teenage kicks (played twice by john peel)
the fall - cruisers creek (peel session 3/6/85)
mystery jets - history has its eyes on you
the field mice - sundial (peel session 1/04/90)
fuzzy sun - i ain't right
billy bragg - a new england (peel session 27/7/83)
black doldrums - mae's desire
jesus & mary chain - you trip me up (peel session 10/23/84)
whyte horses - ça plane pour moi (plastic bertrand cover)
the primitives - stop killing me (peel session 9/30/86)
los bitchos - frozen margarita
spiritualized - the sound of confusion (peel session 1/31/95)
king of the slums - venerate me utterly (peel session 4/12/88)
squid - match bet
stump - buffalo (peel session 1/26/86)
she drew the gun - trouble every day (frank zappa cover)
hurtling - summer
broadcast - the world backwards (peel session 9/15/96)
stereolab - the flower called nowhere
-----lp session - futureheads 'powers'
futureheads - across the border
futureheads - electric shock
futureheads - headcase
the ninth wave - imitation
heart throbs - in vain (peel session 4/11/89)
house of love - destroy the heart (peel session 7/6/88)
the memory fades - space pilot
kitchens of distinction - mad as snow (peel session 8/29/92)
that petrol emotion - can't stop (peel session 6/11/85)
queen cult - shindigger
the flaming stars - the face on the bar room floor (peel session 6/15/95)
gallon drunk - ruby (peel session 7/14/91)
life - bum hour
-----lp session - the s.l.p. 'the s.l.p.'
the s.l.p. - lockdown
the s.l.p. - soldiers 00018
the s.l.p. - meanwhile…in the silent nowhere
bombay bicycle club - eat, sleep, wake (nothing but you)
oasis - slide away
manic street preachers - faster