Sunday, July 28, 2013

Nostalgia! Show tracks for Sat. July 27/13

Nostalgia indeed, both literally and generally. Close to half the songs featured tonight were not recent to say the least. Including a whole set of bands who recorded a song called Nostalgia. Still managed to fit in new tracks from The Manics, The Vaccines, Summer Camp, Yuck, Goldfrapp and Alunageorge in the LP Session. Hope you enjoyed the show.

traams - flowers
franz ferdinand - love illumination
the vaccines - everybody's gonna let you down
crushed beaks - feelers
loom - she's not there
hebronix - viral
yuck - rebirth
fallow deer - nostalgia (demo)
the chameleons - nostalgia
david sylvian - nostalgia
the long blondes - nostalgia
buzzcocks - nostalgia
omd - souvenir
china crisis - hanna hanna
roxy music - the main thing
lp session - alunageorge "body music"
alunageorge - outlines
alunageorge - bad idea
alunageorge - lost & found
lee thompson ska orchestra - fu man chu
night moves - long forgotten boy
manic street preachers - show me the wonder
arctic monkeys - 2013
the vitamins - keys to the limousine
the wytches - digsaw
drenge - face like a skull
summer camp - fresh
london grammer - wasting my young years
the crying shames - please stay
lizzy & the yes men - unstoppable
goldfrapp - drew
durutti column - beginning
durutti column - jazz
the woodentops - good thing
the woodentops - (love affair with) modern living (adrian sherwood mix)
the primitives - spacehead
the primitives - crash (1985 demo)

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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Queen Of The Scene! Show tracks for Sat. July 20/13

"The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry." So the plan last night was to go see OMD at St. Andrew's Hall in Detroit. To accomplish that Clara from The Washing Machine here on CJAM graciously agreed to guest host the show. The stars were aligning, or so I thought. The bastard weather here didn't just make my week a living hell but also ruined my weekend plans. Malcolm, the drummer, in OMD succumbed to heat exhaustion in Toronto the night before resulting in a hospital stay. Which then resulted in the cancellation of the rest of the tour. Obviously, we all hope Malcolm makes a speedy and total recovery. The news on OMD's website is saying just that. But disappointment doesn't begin to describe the feelings as you watch months of waiting for the show go up in smoke. There was no point in trying to get to the show, unprepared, and ruining all the hard work Clara had done all week to prep for it. Clara, the queen of the scene, had a blast hosting and I hope you enjoyed listening. Big thanks to Clara & Chris for a great show!

nada surf - if you leave
flash fiktion - science of sleep
the kills - U.R.A. fever
the jam - ghosts
solar twins - rock the casbah
alternative tv - repulsion
squarepusher - full rinse
maximum joy - searching for a feeling
the horrors - who can say
the fauns - cool stuff
the telescopes - spaceships
the avant gardeners - ye 13th son of ramses
billy idol - don't you (forget about me)
alt-j (∆) - matilda
futurecop! - N.A.S.A.
crass - birth control n' rock n' roll
new young pony club - the get go
arthur brown - fire!
the dentists - house the size of mars
aphex twin - we are the music makers
splashh - vacation
siouxsie & the banshees - the double life
tricky - bonnie & clyde
bus station loonies - hops & barley
syd barrett - it is obvious
psychic TV - being lost
chapel club - all the eastern girls
go kart mozart - queen of the scene
dream frequency - feel so real
sham 69 - tell us the truth
stereo MCs - all night long
the grid - swamp thing
citizen fish - home economics
the wombats - let's dance to joy division
culture shock - punks on postcards

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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Didn't I Blow Your Mind This Time! Show tracks for Sat. July 13/13

Next week there will be a special guest host on Cowboys & Indies, as I will getting my 80s dance on at OMD. Clara from The Washing Machine here at CJAM has graciously agreed to fill in for me, even though she wanted to go to the show too. Check out her show blog to see what her regular show is all about here Show her some Saturday love. This way you get a live show instead of a repeat. Thanks so much Clara! And I'll see in 2 weeks!

A mixture of new and old tonight! New Manic Street Preachers, Adam Franklin, King Krule, Vuvuvultures, Black Onassis and Arthur Beatrice. Plus, Maps in the LP Session. Not to mention a couple 80s gems just to perk up your evening. Hope you enjoyed the show.

the polysonic - unstoppable
east india youth - heaven, how long
manic street preachers - rewind the film w/ richard hawley
travis - another guy
parlour flames - never heard of you
lloyd cole - blue like mars
omd - tesla girls [request]
blancmange - waves
b.e.f. - didn't i blow your mind this time feat green gartside
arthur beatrice - vandals
beth rowley - wrethced body
lp session - maps "vicissitude"
maps - a.m.a.
maps - you will find a way
maps - left behind
vuvuvultures - steel bones
black onassis - brain feat ben gautrey
womens murder club - gaze
my bloody valentine - in another way
primal scream - sideman
johnny marr - new town velocity
edwyn collins - 31 years
house of love - low black clouds
beady eye - iz rite
adam franklin & the bolts of melody - boocat leah
king krule - easy easy
oceaán - neéd u
fuck buttons - stalker

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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Swing Out Sisters & Brothers! Show tracks fo Sat. July 6/13

Swing Out Sister made a rare appearance in Detroit this week on Wednesday at Chene Park, Detroit. One of the classiest bands and front ladies around wooed the crowd with hits and more! Such a great night. Hope they return much sooner than later. So we celebrate the great show with a few tracks from various albums that were featured live.
The show almost didn't happen. This computer wasn't being forthcoming with some of the music for tonight's show. After some sweet talking and a few hits with a was averted and the music flowed. That's the thing as more music becomes reliant on machines, the greater chance of problems. Am I being a little too old school again? lol
New music from NYPC, Money, Glasvegas, The Title Sequence, The Duckworth Lewis Method and our friends The Polysonic with Editors in the LP Session.

peace - lovesick
jaws - donut
spectrals - karaoke
the polysonic - collide
giant fang - aqualung
prides - out of the blue
astral pattern - faraway
swing out sister - stone soul picnic
money - hold me forever
pale seas - evil is always one step behind
purple heart parade - the room
swerve - honey dripper
nypc - hard knocks
strangers - sense of liberty
gaps - cascade
swing out sister - la la (means i love you)
lp session - editors "the weight of your love"
editors - honesty
editors - formaldehyde
editors - bird of prey
echotape - spinning
lowline - the howler
glasvegas - if
splashh - need it
big deal - swapping spit
seasfire - oh, lucifer
bastille - bad blood
the duckworth lewis method - line and length
swing out sister - surrender
the title sequence - lovers
about group - walk on by
these new puritans - dream

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Monthly Indiessential chart for June 2013

The Best Of The British Indie/Alternative Scene

1. SOLEMN SKIES ... Childhood (House Anxiety)
2. COLOURS TO LIFE ... Temples (Heavenly Recordings)
3. A TON OF LOVE ... Editors (Play It Again Sam)
5. DESIRE LINES (LP) ... Camera Obscura (4AD)
6. AND NOW FOR THE WILD ... Grass House (Marshall Teller Records)
7. I'M LEAVING (LP) ... Is Tropical (Kitsuné)
8. SLOW SUMMITS (LP) ... The Pastels (Domino)
9. HEARTS AND KNIVES (LP) ... Visage (Blitz Club Records)
10. GOOD TOGETHER (LP) ... Chapel Club (Ignition Records)
11. PART OF THE ECHOES ... Embers (Killing Moon Records)
12. WISH TO SCREAM (LP) ... Tribes (Universal-Island)
13. FIELD OF REEDS (LP) ... These New Puritans (Infectious)
14. BROS ... Wolf Alice (Chess Club)
15. JUNE GLOOM (LP) ... Big Deal (Mute)
16. SOB STORY (LP) ... Spectrals (Slumberland)
17. IDIOTS (LP) ... Electric Soft Parade (Helium Records)
18. TURBINES (LP) ... Tunng (Full Time Hobby)
19. CLOUD, CASTLE, _______ EP ... Hey Sholay (Fierce Panda)
20. SPACEHOPPER (LP) ... Tripwires (Frenchkiss Records)

Compiled from playlists, listener requests and dj input for June 2013