Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Monthly Indiessential Chart for March 2010

The Best Of The British Indie/Alternative Scene

1. Tourist History (LP) ... Two Door Cinema Club (Kitsune/V2 Co-op)
2. The Winter Of Mixed Drinks (LP) ... Frightened Rabbit (Fat Cat)
3. Plastic Beach (LP) ... Gorillaz (EMI)
4. Heartbeat Song ... Futureheads (Nul)
5. The Loss EP ... Club Smith (All Sorted!?!)
6. The Optimist (LP) ... New Young Pony Club (The Numbers)
7. Wolves & Thieves (LP) ... Goldheart Assembly (Fierce Panda)
8. Georgia ... Yuck (Transparent)
9. The Last Place You'll Look EP ... We Were Promised Jetpacks (Fat Cat)
10. Outbursts (LP) ... Turin Brakes (Cooking Vinyl)
11. The Law Of Large Numbers (LP) ... Emma Pollock (Chemikal Underground)
12. Lights (LP) ... Ellie Goulding (Polydor)
13. Thieving Magpie ... The ABC Club (Things To Make & Do)
14. And Then We Saw Land (LP) ... Tunng (Full Time Hobby)
15. Fire Like This (LP) ... Blood Red Shoes (V2/Co-op)
16. Grappling Hooks (LP) ... North Atlantic Oscillation (K-Scope)
17. And The Kookabura EP ... Screaming Maldini (Alcopop)
18. Life On Earth (LP) ... The Moons (Acid Jazz)
19. ...Are The Roaring Night (LP) ... Besnard Lakes (Jagjaguwar)
20. The Noyelle Beat (LP) ... Standard Fare (Thee SPC/Melodic)

Compiled from playlists, listener requests and dj input for March 2010

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Show tracks for Sat. Mar. 27/10

Be prepared to harassed by me for the next few weeks...LOL It's Jammy time again!
This is where you get to vote for your favourite CJAM shows. So surf on into www.cjam.ca and vote for Cowboys & Indies. Last year we came in second place by only 1 vote. So let's win this thing this year. Vote for members of your family as well...yes even your dog, cat, goldfish and parakeet...lol
That's ll for now, you'll hear much more later.

malachai - snowflake
the xx - teardrops
the joy formidable - popinjay
futureheads - struck dumb
thee attacks - love in disguise
foals - this orient
ash - war with me
jasmine minks - poppy white
teenage fanclub - baby lee
erland & the carnival - trouble in mind
emma pollock - the loop
jj - and now
jonsi - animal arithmetic
the morning benders - al day day light
----lp session #1 north atlantic oscillation "grappling hooks"
north atlantic oscillation - cell count
north atlantic oscillation - alexanderplatz
north atlantic oscillation - star chamber
north atlantic oscillation - drawing maps from memory
the abc club - friend of mine
summer camp - ghost train
screaming maldini - miniatures
disappearers - everything straight lies
doves - andalucia
frightened rabbit - man/bag of sand
tunng - sashimi
boxer rebellion - soviets
we were promised jetpacks - the walls are wearing thin
----lp session #2 standard fare "the noyelle beat"
standard fare - love doesn't just stop
standard fare - secret little sweetheart
standard fare - edges & corners
broken social scene - forced to love
new pornographers - crash years
tokyo police club - breakneck speed
lightspeed champion - madame van damme
everybody was in the french resistance...now! - coal digger

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Show tracks for Sat. Mar. 20/10

hot chip - we have love
gorillaz - superfast jellyfish w/ gruff rhys & de la soul
ian king - evil eye
tunng - santiago
nedry - scattered
lonelady - immaterial
hurts - wonderful life
goldfrapp - shiny and warm
new young pony club - stone
we have band - divisive
yuck - georgia
cults - go outside
late of the pier - best in the class
kate nash - do wah doo
----lp session #1 goldheart assembly "wolves and thieves"
goldheart assembly - king of rome
goldheart assembly - anvil
goldheart assembly - hope hung high
goldheart assembly - reminder
white belt yellow tag - tell your friends (it all worked out)
boxer rebellion - cowboys & engines
the besnard lakes - the lonely moan
black swan effect - in the city
newislands - out of time
apparatjik - antlers
standard fare - philadelphia
----lp session #2 the moons "life on earth"
the moons - don't go changin'
the moons - torn between two
the moons - wondering
club smith - lament
foals - spanish sahara
los campesinos! - these are listed buildings
japandroids - art czars
parallels - midnight voices

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Show tracks for Sat. Mar. 13/10

When I get home from the station on Saturday nights I flip on the tv and am entranced by a ridiculous game show on late nights here in Canada. They present puzzles where you call in at $2 bucks a call to give answers. The only problem is, I never have the right answers...lol..to the math questions anyways. Damn triangles...lol
I must be dumb. I do get the comparison picture questions right though. I knew that video game at the bar was educational!
Relax, I don't call. Even if I would love to talk to the British lady hosting the show. I find her mesmerizing. I love how she answers the phone quickly with a big British Allo! Only to have to say it again because she answers to fast for the caller to hear her. It cracks me up every time.
So there is 2 reasons to wait for Saturday nights now, Cowboys & Indies and ridiculous late night tv game shows!

kasabian - fire
bad lieutenant - twist of fate
doves - andalucia
delphic - halcyon
paul weller - wake up the nation
paul weller - no tears to cry
the upper room - all over this town
ordinary boys - boys will be boys
the holloways - generator
hard-fi - middle eastern holiday
the pigeon detectives - say it like you mean it
kaiser chiefs - the angry mob
futureheads - heartbeat song
----lp session #1 blood red shoes "fire like this"
blood red shoes - it is happening again
blood red shoes - keeping it close
blood red shoes - count me out
blood red shoes - follow the lines
athlete - the getaway
frightened rabbit - footshooter
we were promised jetpacks - with the benefit of hindsight
peggy sue - watchman
the pipettes - stop the music
the novellos - not so sure
----lp session #2 turin brakes "outbursts"
turin brakes - mirror
turin brakes - the invitation
turin brakes - embryos
gorillaz - welcome to the world of the plastic beach
dubmatix - london calling (roots rock version)
groove armada - shameless
everybody was in the french resistance...now! - the scarborough affair
new pornographers - your hands (together)
field music - all you'd ever need to say
the pinecones - four more days (til i open my music shoppe)
world atlas - girl on a boy's bike

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Show tracks for Sat. Mar. 6/10

OK really, this is getting out of hand! How many bands now have "Club" in their name? Just going by some of the bands featured on this show the last few weeks it's approaching a dozen. Let's see what word can we use instead of the overused "Club"?
Group is to obvious, gang might have a negative connotation..hmmm...maybe assembly or party. Wait, New Young Pony Party?....maybe they have the right idea after all...lol

jj - golden virginia
jonsi - boy lilikoi
the pipettes - our love was saved by spacemen
kate nash - do wah doo
the shimmer - lovers void
foals - spanish sahara
----lp session #1 gorillaz "plastic beach"
gorillaz - empire ants w/little dragon
gorillaz - glitter freeze w/mark e. smith
gorillaz - some kind of nature w/lou reed
gorillaz - plastic beach w/mick jones & paul simonon
the xx - crystalised (eric solomon mix)
these new puritans - attack music
martha & the muffins - all i know
the joy formidable - popinjay
we were promised jetpacks - a far cry
turin brakes - sea change
besnard lakes - glass printer
sennen - age of denial
black rebel motorcycle club - beat the devil's tattoo
----lp session #2 two door cinema club "tourist history"
two door cinema club - come back home
two door cinema club - this is the life
two door cinema club - you're not stubborn
screaming maldini - secret sounds
northern portrait - when goodness falls
hong kong in the 60s - footsteps
the abc club - thieving magpie
----lp session #3 new young pony club "the optimist"
new young pony club - stone
new young pony club - dolls
new young pony club - before the light
the wolfmen - july 20
lightspeed champion - i don't want to wake up alone

Friday, March 5, 2010

Monthly Indiessential Chart for February 2010

The Best Of The British Indie/Alternative Scene

1. STYLO Gorillaz (EMI)

2. CHAOS New Young Pony Club (The Numbers)

3. UNDERCOVER MARTYN Two Door Cinema Club (Kitsune)


5. LIFE IS SWEET! NICE TO MEET YOU (LP) Lightspeed Champion (Domino)

6. FALCON (LP) The Courteeners (Polydor)

7. MEASURE (LP) Field Music (Memphis Industries)

8. BEST IN THE CLASS Late Of The Pier (Phantasy)

9. HELIGOLAND (LP) Massive Attack (Virgin)

10. THE FAMILY JEWELS (LP) Marina & The Diamonds (WM UK)

11. NOBODY’S COMING TO SAVE YOU (LP) Sunshine Underground (City Rockers)

12. FIXIN’ THE CHARTS VOL 1 (LP) Everybody Was In The French Resistance..Now! (Cooking Vinyl)

13. STARRY EYED Ellie Goulding (Polydor)

14. I JUST LOVE YOU MORE Kate Nash (www.katenash.co.uk)

15. LIGHT IT UP Blood Red Shoes (V2)

16. TIME CRISIS Pin Me Down (pinmedown.net)

17. O MAYBE I Chapel Club (Polydor)

18. DELICATE (LP) Martha & The Muffins (Muffin Music)

19. VIKTORIA Swanton Bombs (Quiff)

20. ANYTHING Mirrorkicks (Fruit Pie)

Compiled from playlists, listener requests and dj input for February 2010