Saturday, January 26, 2013

Artists To Watch For 2013! Show tracks for Sat. Jan. 26/13

After perusing multiple blogs, the consensus seemed to be in about who the artists to watch are for 2013. The BBC shortlist/longlist is the bench mark. So we featured all but 1 of the British entries on that list. Then we complied a list from other blogs/websites and added some of our own to fill out the show. Well, except for a few new releases to open the show, a couple requests and 3 new albums in the LP Sessions. A busy show to say the least. We did run out of time, so we will feature more artists as the weeks unfold.

We open with a few new releases. To get your free download of Suede's new single Barriers follow this link.
suede - barriers
veronica falls - buried alive
chapel club - good together
alunageorge - body music
laura mvula - green garden
chvrches - the mother we share
king krule - octopus
palma violets - step up for the cool cats
savages - husbands
peace - wraith
little green cars - harper lee
kodaline - all i want
lush - superblast! [request]
blow monkeys - it doesn't have to be this way [request]
the joy formidable - tendons
the joy formidable - bats
lp session - esben & the witch "wash the sins not only the face"
esben & the witch - when that head splits
esben & the witch - shimmering
esben & the witch - despair
adam ant - marrying the gunner's daughter
adam ant - vince taylor
arlissa - sticks & stones
tom odell - another love
rainy milo - the other way
les mistons - keep flying
temples - shelter song
swim deep - the sea
history of apple pie - see you
holy esque - ladybird love
chidhood - blue velvet
playlounge - sweet tooth
deaf club - break it slow
temple songs - someone get her outta here
alpines - lights

Use these handy links to download the show.
Part 1 - 10:00pm - Midnight:

Part 2 - Midnight - 12:30 am:

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Once More With Feeling! Show tracks for Sat. Jan. 19/13

Tried something a little new tonight. With so many new albums arriving at once I featured all the LP sessions in a row, instead of spreading them out. I think it worked out quite well. I hope it wasn't overwhelming. So I will try the same thing next week with the possibility of 3 new albums as well.
Scott was lucky enough to catch Peter Hook & The Light at Manchester Cathedral yesterday performing the first two New Order albums live. So I featured a couple tracks he heard last night. An original from Movement and a cover version from Power, Corruption & Lies. BTW, he gave it 2 thumbs up!
Don't forget you can always comment, send requests or even love letters at any time here or email to
Hope you enjoyed the show!

delphic - baiya
spc eco - push
new order - senses [request]
errors - the village
is tropical - oi peru (produced by visions)
hurts - miracle
coldplay - shiver [request]
wild combination - great expectations
amor de dias - jeans waving
the pale fountains - jean's not happening
paradise - endless wave
young galaxy - hang on to yourself
nautic - fresh eyes
lp sessions villagers/everything everything/dutch uncles
villagers - judgement call
villagers - the bell
everything everything - duet
everything everything - undrowned
everything everything - don’t try
"out of touch, in the wild"
dutch uncles - godboy
dutch uncles - nomento
wave machines - i hold loneliness
pale vV - gold
swin deep - the sea
the joy formidable - the maw maw song
esben & the witch - despair
peace - wraith
wild smiles - tangled hair
virals - strange fruit
vuvuvultures - i'll cut you
elia & the low tears - i control your heartbeat
alice russell - heartbreaker
joss stone - (1-2-3-4-5-6-7) count the days
jamie lidell - what a shame

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Step Up For The Cool Cats! Show tracks for Sat. Jan. 12/13

Have you had enough of year end lists? Yeah, probably!
Back to the weekly grind here at Cowboys & Indies. The first new show of 2013. So as you would expect, there are lots of new releases. Plus a few hangovers from 2012 like the LP Session featuring Rachel Zeffira. In fact, so many new releases that we couldn't fit them all in.
Already shaping up to be a busy two months expecting new albums from Johnny Marr, Palma Violets, Foals, Everything Everything, Veronica Falls, Villagers, PEACE, Tribes, Hurts, Adam Ant, Courteeners, History Of Apple Pie...HOLY CRAP!! My poor wallet!
And that's just through February. I will be accepting donations

johnny marr - the right thing right
new order - hellbent
pulp - after you
palma violets - step up for the cool cats
amusement - mural
the passions - i'm in love with a german film star
life in film - cold wire
hurts - the road
the buggles - johnny on the monorail
yes - into the lens (i am a camera)
jacques caramac & the sweet generation - it takes all sorts…
kwes - rollerblades
nautic - fresh eyes
bibio - the palm of your wave
lp session - rachel zeffira "the deserters"
rachel zeffira - here on in
rachel zeffira - break the spell
rachel zeffira - to here knows when
my bloody valentine - to here knows when
waterbaby - my heart is a river
i am kloot - these days are mine
teleman - cristina
the wolfhounds - cheer up
dutch uncles - flexxin
this many boyfriends - tina weymouth
foals - my number
everything everything - kemosabe
as elephants are - lucifer
the history of apple pie - see you
comanechi - major move
bromheads - pleading on deaf
bank of joy - foreign love
courteeners - lose control
tribes - wrapped up in a carpet
birdy - people help the people
jake bugg - two fingers
general public - are you leading me on?

Saturday, January 5, 2013

2012 Festive 50 Pt. 2 #25-1! Show tracks for Sat. Jan. 5/13

That's it! Over for another year. The 2012 Festive reached it's conclusion tonight with #25 - 1 revealed.
So as River Song would say, SPOILERS! Do not read any further if you didn't hear the show yet and don't want the surprise spoiled.
We opened the show with the #26 artist from last weeks show and carried on from there. We closed the show with a few notable tracks from 2012.

#26 the joy formidable - cholla
#25 theme park - jamaica
#24 two wounded birds - to be young
#23 maxïmo park - take me home
#22 veronica falls - my heart beats
#21 savages - city's full (live)
#20 the xx - sunset
#19 madness - death of a rude boy
#18 jessie ware - wildest moments
#17 richard hawley - leave your body behind you
#16 ultrasound - beautiful sadness
#15 fanfarlo - shiny things
#14 2:54 - creeping
#13 the heartbreaks - jealous, don't you know
#12 no ceremony/// - heartbreaker
#11 toy - motoring
#10 the maccabees - ayla
#9 spiritualized - so long you pretty thing
#8 fossil collective - let it go
#7 evans the death - telling lies
#6 father sculptor - ember
#5 egyptian hip hop - syh
#4 two door cinema club - sun
#3 django django - life's a beach
#2 the vaccines - teenage icon
#1 alt-j (∆) - tesselate
#1 alt-j (∆) - breezeblocks
blur - under the westway
palma violets - best of friends
les mistons - fear of the dark
inspiral carpets - you're so good for me

HINT! To hear the entire Festive 50 you must download both parts of tonight's show.
Part 1 10pm-midnight

Part 2 midnight-12:30am

Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Last list, I promise! Well, except for the finale of The Festive 50!

1. Under The Westway/The Puritan by Blur
2. City's Full (Live) by Savages
3. Wildest Moments by Jessie Ware
4. Let It Go by Fossil Collective
5. Best Of Friends by Palma Violets
6. Breezeblocks by Alt-J ∆
7. DJ Ease My Mind by Niki & The Dove
8. You Know You Like It by Alunageorge
9. Creeping by 2:54
10. You're So Good To Me by Inspiral Carpets
11. Closet Addicts Anonymous by Man Without Country
12. So Long You Pretty Thing by Spiritualized
13. Oblivion by Grimes
14. Greatest Hits by Mystery Jets
15. The Mother We Share by Chvrches
16. Heartbreaker by No Ceremony///
17. Smother by Daughter
18. Caterpillar by Ian Skelly
19. Okinawa Channels by NZCA Lines
20. I'm Gone by Tamaryn
21. Teenage Icon by The Vaccines
22. Corner Of An English Field by Tribes
23. Jamaica by Theme Park
24. Shelter Song by Temples
25. Flaws by Bastille
26. Skull & Bones by Folks
27. Love In Vein by Drop Out Venus
28. All I Wanna Do by Splashh
29. Coared by Cheatahs
30. Delay, Delay by The Heartbreaks
31. Edward the Confessor by Breton
32. Follow Baby by PEACE
33. Torren by Letters
34. Miracles by †Hymns†
35. Sky Blue & Ivory by .Torches.
36. Clear Moon/Ocean Roar (Condensed Versions) by Mount Eerie
37. Sleeping In The Woods by Midnight Lion
38. Youth Is Wasted On The Young by Young Galaxy
39. Aaliyah by Katy B with Jessie Ware
40. The Roots of Love (Come Tumbling Down) by Big Wave

Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Got a short one for you today.


1. 21 The Box Set by Blur
2. My Bloody Valentine LP Remasters
3. Colourbox 30th Anniv. Box
4. House Of Love Deluxe Edition by House Of Love
5. The Beat Complete Beat Box & LP Remasters
6. Pulp It/Freaks/Separations Remasters
7. Smashing Pumpkins LP Box Set Remasters
8. Rolling Stones Grrr Box Set
9. x5 Box Set by Simple Minds
10. Sugar LP Remasters

Singles coming tomorrow. Because I kind of caught up in a
cd reorganization that has taken longer than expected. Yes,
there are that