Saturday, October 25, 2014

Rebellious Jukebox! Keeping It Peel show tracks for Sat. Oct. 25/14

Hope you enjoyed the show honouring the late, great John Peel! I got so excited I pulled a Peel and played a song twice in the show!

tomorrow - my white bicycle
65daysofstatic - massive star at the end of it's burning cycle
orange juice - falling and laughing
gang of four - history's bunk
blancmange - i would
lotus eaters - love still flows
the pop group - words disobey me
blur - popscene
saloon - have you seen the light
steel pulse - ku klux klan
slowdive - catch the breeze
billy bragg - a new england
the associates - waiting for the love boat
the fall - rebellious jukebox
sham 69 - borstal breakout
nirvana - son of a gun
the cure - 10:15 saturday night
joy division - sound of music
the beloved - the flame
tears for fears - the hurting
david bowie - white light white heat
delta 5 - delta 5
david bowie - white light white heat
gary numan - films
locus - popcorn
new model army - great expectations
happy mondays - freaky dancing
world of twist - lose my way
dexy's midnight runners - breaking down the walls of heartache
the beat - psychedelic rockers
the housemartins - happy hour
the waterboys - out of control
the boomtown rats - mary of the 4th form
moose - in every dream home a heartache
that petrol emotion - can't stop
brian eno & the winkies - the paw paw negro blowtorch
the smith - handsome devil
the redskins - kick over the statues
the slits - vindictive
the small faces - baby don't you do it
the specials - gangsters
the wedding present - felicity
the jam - down in the tube station at midnight
the undertones - top twenty


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