Saturday, January 28, 2012

Show tracks for Sat. Jan. 28/12

"I'd written this song about Carlo Giuliani, who was killed at the G8 demonstrations in Genoa. At that point, it was a protest ... afterwards I started getting on with Bobby and I asked Adrian [Sherwood] about doing it. It's important that people hear about the story, it's the message and the atmosphere as much as anything." Mark Stewart

"Starting out as a teenager in the late 70s with the Pop Group and thru the 80's with the Maffia up to his new solo record, Mark Stewart has led the attack on conformist reality. Mark is a constant inspiration and a true Thief of Fire. A poet of paranoia and a great laugh. What a guy." Primal Scream

chris spedding - guitar jamboree
the kabeedies - santiago
saint etienne - tonight
the ting tings - hang it up
we have band - where are your people?
the afternoons - black hearted poster boy
mark stewart vs primal scream - autonomia
new age steppers - love me nights
breton - the well
nzca/lines - okinawa channels
mull historical society - the lights
the rifles - the sweetest thing
ed sheeran - you need me, i don't need you
david newton & thee mighty angels - my first band
filthy boy - waiting on the doorstep
lp session - trailer trash tracys "ester"
trailer trash tracys - los angered
trailer trash tracys - starlatine
trailer trash tracys - strangling good guys
rose elinor dougall - i've always known
thomas dolby - europa & the pirate twins
toy - left myself behind
the big pink - england (iTunes bonus track)
wedding present - montreal
exlovers - starlight, starlight
nature set - if you lived here, you'd be home by now
former lover - heartbreak button
big deal - visions
diagrams - appetite
diagrams - black light
graffiti6 - stop mary
maverick sabre - no one
allo darlin' - capricornia
shrag - chasing consummations
thee spivs - tv screen

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Show tracks for Sat. Jan. 21/12

Been grooving to a few songs this past week. Sometimes it doesn't have to be anything to complicated. Sometimes it's just a simple riff and some harmonies that will knock you on your ass.

Always Golden by Golden Fable

Great start to the new year, some great music already released. Two album sessions tonight from The Big Pink and Tribes. Go figure but British Sea Power have released new music in January again. The first of 6 new EPs this year. There's a little bit of everything tonight! Hope you enjoyed the show.

the black sharks - joker's wild
the van doos - black it out
british sea power - french pornographic novel
field music - (i keep thinking about) a new thing
mammal club - toward you with lust
butcher boy - the day our voices broke
model railway exhibition - jennifer's brother
girls names - black saturday
sea pinks - happy apparition
lizzie & the yes men - broadwalk
gross magic - yesterdays
golden fable - always golden
diagrams - tall buildings
midnight lion - when doves cry
elia & the low tears - i control your heartbeat
lp session - the big pink "future this"
the big pink - rubbernecking
the big pink - lose your mind
the big pink - 77
2 bears - work
52nd street - look into my eyes
maverick sabre - sometimes
solar bears - alpha people (feat. sarah p of keep shelly in athens)
inspiral carpets - head for the sun
the minutes - secret history
virals - magic happens
cinerama - london
clock opera - once and for all
zulu winter - we should be swimming
twilight sad - another bed
lp session - tribes "baby"
tribes - corner of an english field
tribes - nightdriving
tribes - walking in the street
big country - tracks of my tears (live at rockpalast 1986)
bear cavalry - roman summer
the cast of cheers - goose

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Show tracks for Sat. Jan. 14/12

The first show of new material for the New Year! I hope you enjoyed the Festive 50 countdown for 2011 during the last 2 week's shows. 2012 kicks off with loads of quality new tracks!
So we start looking at some of the bands to watch for 2012 as most of the print publications, websites and blogs are all going on about. I took a quick look at a few pages/articles/blogs and found Cowboys & Indies has already featured 15 of the bands to watch for this year during 2011. Talk about a finger on the pulse!

So excited to see a couple new releases in particular this week.
Firstly, Rose Elinor Dougall is back with a new free downloadable EP.

It features 3 demo songs recorded shortly after the release of her 2010 debut. She has stressed that these tracks are not indicative of the material she is currently working on for her 2nd album.

The second release features more solo material from former Long Blondes members. Both come via the same release, a split cassette single featuring Former Lover & Nature Set. Former Lover being the first new music from Dorian Cox and Nature Set featuring Reenie playing bass and singing. A must for all Long Blondes fans and just 6 really great tracks period.
A special thanks to Naked Under Spacesuit for providing a few mp3s so I could share them with you. So stay tuned in coming weeks to hear more from both these excellent releases.

pulp - this is hardcore
roxy music - in the midnight hour
another sunny day - you should all be murdered
the chevin - menwith hill
the big pink - stay gold
the wedding present - hand in glove
rose elinor dougall - the night
the pipettes - boo shuffle
the noisettes - never forget you
basement jaxx - good luck feat lisa kekula
bombay bicycle club - lights out, words gone (rub a dub version)
roots manuva - who goes there?
yasmin - light up (the world) feat. shy fx & ms dynamite
rizzle kicks - traveller's chant
lp session - the maccabees "given to the wild"
the maccabees - feel to follow
the maccabees - forever i've known
the maccabees - grew up at midnight
the sharks - arcane effigies
†hymns† - a punch to the temple
sound of guns - silicon
wet nuns - heavens below
the van doos - black it out
former lover - he doesn't have to know about you
nature set - hands
kate jackson - wonder feeling
long blondes - nostalgia
novella - santiago
jim lockey & the solemn sun - warriors
paradise - luella
midnight lion - sleeping in the woods
pet - middle child syndrome
alt-j - tessalate
troumaca - fire

As always download the show from CJAM or these links here;
Part 1 (10pm-midnight)
Part 2 (midnight-12:30am)

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Show tracks for Sat. Jan. 7/12 - The 2011 Festive 50 Part 2 #25-#1

Well, that's the 2011 Cowboys & Indies Festive 50 Countdown completed. I hope you enjoyed the big countdown shows. There was really no doubt who #1 was going to be as they were the most requested band of the year. Congrats to The Horrors for being the 2011 Festive 50 #1!
We started the show where we left off last week at #26 for a little reminder and picked up the proceedings right away.
We intended to finish the remaining minutes of the show with some of the bands to watch out for in 2012. We ran a little later than I thought and only managed to fit in 2 artists. But next week we will continue in earnest bringing you, as we always do, the best of the British indie/alternative scene!

#26 bombay bicycle club - what you want
#25 kasabian - re-wired
#24 history of apple pie - you're so cool
#23 strawhouses - malaise
#22 elbow - open arms
#21 summer camp - ghost train
#20 british sea power - living is so easy
#19 viva brother - the darling buds of may
#18 the view - i need that record
#17 pete & the pirates - come to the bar
#16 spectrals - confetti
#15 cat's eyes - over you
#14 wu lyf - we bros
#13 we were promised jetpacks - picture of health
#12 still corners - submarine
#11 hard fi - fire in the house
#10 chapel club - surfacing
# 9 male bonding - before it's gone
# 8 yuck - milkshake
# 7 friendly fires - hawaiian air
# 6 glasvegas - shine like stars
# 5 the joy formidable - a heavy abacus
# 4 wild beasts - reach a bit further
# 3 arctic monkeys - evil twin
# 2 the vaccines - all in white

# 1 the horrors - endless blue
# 1 the horrors - still life
clock opera - once and for all
†hymns† - miracles