Thursday, December 31, 2015

Best Albums Of 2015 - My Personal Picks

1. Hinterland by Lonelady
2. The Magic Whip by Blur
3. Chorusgirl by Chorusgirl
4. My Love Is Cool by Wolf Alice
5. Not Real by Stealing Sheep
6. Mythologies by Cheatahs
7. Saturns Pattern by Paul Weller
8. Urth by Kagoule
9. A Dream Outside by Gengahr
10. Why Choose by Shopping
11. In Colour by Jamie XX
12. Currents by Tame Impala
13. The Making Of by The Bohicas
14. I Wasn't Born To Lose You by Swervedriver
15. Subculture by The Selecter
16. Born Under Satan by Django Django
17. Wild Nights by Pins
18. Modern Nature by The Charlatans
19. Sometimes I Sit And Think, And Sometimes I Just Sit by Courtney Barnett
20. For All My Sisters by The Cribs
21. What Went Down by Foals
22. Anthems For Doomed Youth by The Libertines
23. Ultimate Painting by Ultimate Painting
24. Dissemble by Autobahn
25. Real Life by Real Lies
26. No Cities To Love by Sleater-Kinney
27. Illuminations by Lusts
28. Land by Novella
29. Wasting Away And Wondering by The School
30. Marks To Prove It by The Maccabees
31. Chasing Yesterday by Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds
32. More Heat! More Panic! by The Manhattan Love Suicides
33. Key Markets by Sleaford Mods
34. Wire by Wire
35. Mothers by Swim Deep
36. Girls In Peacetime Want To Dance by Belle & Sebastian
37. Music Complete by New Order
38. Falsework by Young Galaxy
39. Dream Soda by Demob Happy
40. Dumb Flesh by Blanck Mass
41. Danger In The Club by Palma Violets
42. The Light In You by Mercury Rev
43. California Nights by Best Coast
44. O Shudder by Dutch Uncles
45. Slowness by Outfit
46. Sundowners by Sundowners
47. All We Are by All We Are
48. Citizen Zombie by The Pop Group
49. Few More Days To Go by Fufanu
50. Man It Feels Like Space Again by Pond

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Best Tracks Of 2015 - My Personal Picks

Compiling this list was made really hard after the loss of all my digital audio from Jan to Aug.
Hope I didn't leave something out. But these were the tracks in my head and on repeat, especially the Top 5!

1. Let The Good Times Be Never Ending by The Charlatans
2. There Are Too Many Of Us by Blur
3. St Anthony: An Ode to Anthony H Wilson by Mike Garry & Joe Duddell
4. Feeling OK by Best Coast
5. Spit It Out by The Maccabees
6. Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson feat. Bruno Mars
7. Johnny Delusional by F F S
8. Do I Love You? by The School
9. Handsome by The Vaccines
10. Loud Places by Jamie XX (feat. Romy)
11. Huarache Lights by Hot Chip
12. Let It Happen by Tame Impala
13. The Answer by Savages
14. Zero Triptych by Girls Names
15. Dreaming Of Another Girl by The Hidden Charms
16. Cut Me And I'll Bleed by Blossoms
17. Bros by Wolf Alice
18. City by Spring King
19. National Plastics by Pretty Vicious
20. Sleep by Night Flowers
21. Priestess by Pumarosa
22. Sparks by Beach House
23. Blush by White
24. Ill Song by Ill
25. Enabler by Evans The Death
26. Autodidact by Swervedriver
27. Blackstar by David Bowie
28. Sleeper by Our Girl
29. Sucker by The Big Moon
30. The Party Line by Belle & Sebastian
31. Can’t Keep Checking My Phone by Unknown Mortal Orchestra
32. Flame by Sundara Karma
33. Socatra by Coquin Migale
34. Ask Me Again by Sahara
35. Love Song by Ist Ist
36. Resonate by Avec Sans
37. Dopamine by DIIV
38. Deeper Than Love by Colleen Green
39. Snakeskin by Deerhunter
40. I Can Never Be Myself When You’re Around by Chromatics
41. Hand To Mouth by Fehm
42. Elastic Heart by SIA
43. Beautiful Blue Sky by Ought
44. Teenage Talk by St. Vincent
45. Omega Grey by Childcare
46. Flesh Without Blood by Grimes
47. I Had This Thing - Röyksopp
48. Spinning Wheel by Black Honey
49. La Loose by Waxahatchee
50. The Eterniturtle by The Froth

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Be Merry & Festive (Part One)! Show tracks for Sat. Dec. 26/15

Hope you enjoyed the special Holiday show. First half Christmas/Holiday/Seasonal songs. And the second half The 2015 Festive 50 Part 1!
Tune in next Saturday at 9PM for Part 2! We will count back #35 - #1!
Although named after our idols classic yearly countdown ours differs in one aspect. John's counted back specific singles as voted by the listeners.
Ours is dedicated to a bands/artists yearly output and not to a specific release. So it counts all releases, singles and albums, and places the band/artist in the countdown. This is determined partly by you through the monthly charts. Your requests and comments determine those placings which in turn compile the year end countdown.

futureheads - christmas was better in the 80s
cleaners from venus - glammy little christmas
the courteneers - winter wonderland
dark horses - boxing day
glasvegas - a snowflake fell (and it felt like a kiss)
simon love - walking in a winter wonderland
slow club - christmas (baby please come home)
palma violets - last christmas on planet earth
long blondes - christmas is cancelled
poly styrene - black christmas
money - a cocaine christmas and an alcoholic's new year
the primitives - you trashed my christmas
the shinies - boxing day
saint etienne - i was born on christmas day
faye & the scrooges - christmas number one
camera obscura - the blizzard
summer camp - christmas wrapping
belle & sebastian - santa claus
menace beach - holidays are heavy
future islands - last christmas
frankie & the heartstrings - (too right) it's christmas feat. edwyn collins
lucky soul - lonely this christmas
circa waves - something like you (war child)
smoke fairies - snow globe blizzard
paul haig - christiana
-----2015 festive 50 countdown part 1
pulp - countdown
#50 noel gallagher's high flying birds - ballad of the mighty i
#49 demob happy - succubus
#48 new order - singularity
#47 the big moon - sucker
#46 spring king - city
#45 palma violets - danger in the club
#44 white - future pleasures
#43 lucid dream - unchained dub
#42 ultimate painting - woken by noises
#41 editors - life is a fear
#40 the bohicas - to die for
#39 carl barât and the jackals - a storm is coming
#38 sundowners - soul responding
#37 lusts - temptation
#36 outfit - framed

Download the show here!

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Monthly Indiessential chart for December 2015

The Best Of The British Indie/Alternative Scene

1. SLEEPER / LEVEL ... Our Girl (Cannibal Hymns)
2. ARE YOU READY FOR ME ... Pretty Vicious (Virgin)
3. NEVER THERE ... Liines (Liines)
4. LOVE YOU CAUSE YOU'RE THERE .. Hidden Charms (Deltasonic)
5. TAFFY COME HOME ... Telegram (GramGram Records)
6. MEET THE FOETALS (LP) ... The Foetals (PNKSLM Recordings)
7. PULL MY ARM ... Flowers (Fortuna Pop!)
8. WHITEST BOY ON THE BEACH ... Fat White Family (Without Consent)
9. HEART MAP RUBRIC (LP) ... The Fiction Aisle (Chord Orchard)
10. NO EP ... Yak (Third Man Records)
11. SNOW FLED (LP) ... Vapour Night (Vapour Night)
12. PYRAMID SCHEME ... Escapists (Secret Dinosaur Records)
13. HORSES AT NIGHT ... Still Corners (Still Corners)
14. THE SIXTH TIME AROUND (LP) ... Black Market Karma (Flower Power Records)
15. UNDER MY SPELL ... Hey Bulldog (Hey Bulldog)
16. CURSED / RUSK ... Lull (Plastic Fish Records)
17. BEINGS (LP) ... Lanterns On The Lake (Bella Union)
18. BRITISH KNEE SPEARS (LP) ... VwarmphF (Cath 'n' Dad Records)
19. VOL. 1 EP ... Francis Lung (Songs Records)
20. CHEMICALS OF THE IMAGINATION (LP) ... The Candle Thieves (The Candle Thieves)

Compiled from playlists, listener requests and dj input for December 2015

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Guess Who's Been On Match Of The Day! Show tracks for Sat. Dec. 19/15

Holiday Schedule!
Sat. Dec. 26th Boxing Day, Christmas/holiday show with Festive 50 Part One
Sat. Jan. 2nd Festive 50 Part Two
Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year from Cowboys & Indies!

cheatahs - murasaki
lucid dream - the darkest day/head musik
london music works - match of the day theme (RIP Jimmy Hill)
frank sidebottom - guess who's been on match of the day?
the train set - she's gone
squeeze - the beautiful game
the hooton tennis club - p.o.w.e.r.f.u.l. p.i.e.r.r.e.
the hidden charms - love you cause you're there
fvc - walking
lauren laverne - i fell out of a tree
ash - bring back the summer
new order - superheated
the anchoress - you and only you feat paul draper
the anchoress - doesn't kill you
hot chip - white wine and fried chicken
the beloved - hello
i set the sea on fire - tastes like funk
fat white family - whitest boy on the beach
-----northern soul spotlight
the montclairs - just can't get away
barbara acklin - love makes a woman
willie hutch - lucky to be loved by you
the spiral starecase - more today than yesterday
-----lp session - the fiction aisle "heart map rubric"
the fiction aisle - love come save me
the fiction aisle - what's a man to do?
the fiction aisle - the sea rolls on forever
david bowie - lazarus
graham bond - summertime with duffy power
ten years after - adventures of a young organ
the lightning seeds - pure
chorusgirl - dream on, baby blue
these animal men - light emitting electrical wave
wolf girl - deep sea diving
black honey - spinning wheel
weirds - blood test
black market karma - timed response
black market karma - at either end (the twin)
julian cope - julian in the underworld
mogwai - hunted by a freak
swervedriver - last rites
estrons - aliens
the kinks - wonderboy

Click here to download the Black Market Karma LP for free!

Click here to download the show!

Sunday, December 13, 2015

No Songs Tomorrow! Show tracks for Sat. Dec. 12/15

Sorry still having computer router issues so this post will short and sweet. No bells, whistles, videos or music links.
Maybe one day I can rejoin the rest of the free world and have a working router for internet

savages - t.i.w.y.g.
allusondrugs - sunset yellow
pretty vicious - are you ready for me
the crookes - the world is waiting
our girl - level
virgin kids - cracks in a colour
yak - alas salvation
love buzzard - superglue
flowers - pull my arm
telegram - it's not very easy
still corners - horses at night
the hotelles - dreamboat
teleman - fall in line
trash - sad boys (all i wanna do)
the 1975 - ugh!
pure youth - new november
the clash - one more time
the clash - one more dub
half pint - cry cry
half pint - cry cry dub
-----northern soul spotlight
the montclairs - just can't get away
willie kendrick - you can't bypass love
willie hutch - lucky to be loved by you
the vibrations - cause you're mine
-----lp session - the foetals "meet the foetals"
the foetals - i'm down
the foetals - together
the foetals - the world isn't that big
the foetals - move on
terminal gods - movement
vapour night - here and back again
editors - ocean of night
u.v. pop - no songs tomorrow (7" version)
forced random - go get it
saltwater sun - wild
bloom - voices
vwarphf - the black sunshine (behind the lines)
victories at sea - bloom
paul weller - going my way
peter gabriel - family snapshot
ultimate painting - sweet chris
strawberry whiplash - time takes you away
the flatmates - you held my heart
wire - in manchester
sisteray - a wise man said
found - a souvenir for every hope you had


Saturday, December 5, 2015

Succomb To The Beat Surrender! Show tracks for Sat. Dec. 5/15

OK it's been decided. The Festive 50 will return to it's two week broadcast. December 26th show will feature Christmas and Holiday songs for the first half of the show. The second half of the show we will start the 2015 Festive 50 countdown. Finishing the countdown on January 2nd. It will most likely be 10-15 on the first Saturday and the final 35-40 on the second Saturday. I think it's important to play all the artists who are in the countdown. Mark your calendars!

eagles of death metal - save a prayer (duran duran cover)
savages - i love you all the time (eagles of death metal cover)
suede - like kids
bloc party - the good news
keroscene - regret
yak - no
oh wonder - without you
oh wonder - all we do
the coral - put the sun back
the vryll society - metropolis
stealing sheep - love
sundowners - into the light
django django - beginning to fade
nzca lines - two hearts
arthur beatrice - who returned?
permanent wave - sister midnight
the associates - even dogs in the wild
this is the bridge - it's all gone
-----northern soul spotlight
the spellbinders - help me (get myself back together again)
bill bush - i'm waiting
the vibrations - gonna get along without you now
fred hughes - baby boy
-----lp session - vapour night "snow fled"
vapour night - godless
vapour night - ancient youth
vapour night - house of water
the who - la-la-la lies
the jam - beat surrender
the milk - don't give up the night
tibet - in my head
the flatmates - when you were mine (prince cover)
mystery jets - telomere
james - to my surprise
sweat - be complete
childcare - omega grey
lanterns on the lake - of dust & matter
lanterns on the lake - the crawl
embers - the bitten tongue
lull - cursed
whyte horses - natural mistakes
psyence - you & i
tiny giant - seeing everything as though it is real
glass host - late nights

Download the show here!

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Monthly Indiessential chart for November 2015

The Best Of The British Indie/Alternative Scene

1. CHORUSGIRL (LP) ... Chorusgirl (FortunaPOP!)
2. MYTHOLOGIES (LP) ... Cheatahs (Wichita)
3. OUTSIDERS ... Suede (Warner Music UK)
4. CHARLEMAGNE ... Blossoms (Virgin/EMI)
5. EP II ... Sundara Karma (RCA)
6. MODERN DANCING (LP) ... Traams (FatCat)
7. HEX ... Mt. Wolf (CRC Music)
8. HIGHTIMES ... The Big Pink (B3SCI Records)
9. STORMY ... Coves (1965 Records)
10. COURTING THE SQUALL (LP) ... Guy Garvey (Polydor)
11. HOOVES OF DOUBT EP ... Dry The River (Transgressive)
12. FIND WHAT YOU LOVE AND LET IT KILL YOU (LP) ... Hurricane #1 (Tapete)
13. WHO ARE YOU? ... Spring King (Highs And Lows)
14. PANGEA EP ... The Vryll Society (Deltasonic)
15. DEMONS TO DIAMONDS (LP) ... Visage (August Day)
17. DISSOLVER (LP) ... Younghusband (ATP Recordings)
18. LIMOUSINE ... Beach Baby (Uni/Island)
19. LOVEBLOOD ... Surge (Surge Records)
20. OUT OF THE RAIN ... The Hummingbirds (Gladstone)

Compiled from playlists, listener requests and dj input for November 2015

Saturday, November 28, 2015

You Know That New Sound You've Been Looking For! Show tracks for Sat. Nov. 28/15

the big pink - hightimes
coves - stormy
travis - everything at once
escapists - pyramid scheme
emma pollock - alabaster
mt. wolf - hex
francis lung - back one day
postcards from jeff - a house
the manhattan love suicides - bikini party / birthday kill
strawberry whiplash - never ending now
pins - got it bad
evans the death - enabler
the school - love is anywhere you find it
lemon jelly - '88 aka come down on me
happy mondays - dennis & lois
hot chip - dancing in the dark
wire - shifting
-----northern soul spotlight
major lance - ain't no soul (left in these old shoes)
james carr - that's what i want to know
the cooperettes - shing-a-ling
dean courtney - i'll always need you
billy joe royal - hearts desire
-----lp session- hurricane #1 "find what you love and let it kill you"
hurricane #1 - best is yet to come
hurricane #1 - crash
hurricane #1 - round in circles
hurricane #1 - leave it all behind
telegram - taffy come home
pulp - babies
fvc - don't think so
the wild things - hollywood
the jennifers - just got back today
field music - the noisy days are over
dry the river - coast
the verve - she's a superstar
money - i'll be the night
the spook school - i want to kiss you
fews - the zoo
the naturals - module
the foetals - nothing
the karma repair kit - your restless spirit
the candle thieves - umbrella in a storm
lanterns on the lake - through the cellar door

Listen again!

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Songs To Learn And Sing! Show tracks for Sat. Nov.21/15

Audience participation time! I leave this in your capable hands listeners. I am wondering how to feature the Festive 50 this year? Would you like to see The Festive 50 return to a more historical 2 week production or follow last year's experiment of a 1 week show. The one week show last year did not feature all 50 artists being played due to time constraints. It actually featured around 40. The two week version obviously allows time for all 50 to be played during a two show run. So which do you prefer?

david bowie - blackstar
dry the river - hooves of doubt
dry the river - five four
guy garvey - yesterday
hurricane #1 - think of the sunshine
money - you look like a sad painting on both sides of the sky
savages - t.i.w.y.g.
the naturals - 2hgs
hey bulldog - under my spell
our girl - sleeper
jean-michel jarre - if..! feat little boots
jean-michel jarre - immortals feat fuck buttons
formation - control
ho/pe & iv/an - panic room my heart
canvas - another time feat andrew montgomery
arthur beatrice - who returned
fat white family - whitest boy on the beach
public service broadcasting - korolev
-----lp session - chorusgirl "s/t"
chorusgirl - girls of 1926
chorusgirl - sweetness and slight
chorusgirl - shivers
lush - undertow
the long blondes - guilt
echo & the bunnymen - bring on the dancing horses
suede - outsiders
the jesus & mary chain - taste the floor
-----mixtape memories
abc - high & dry
china crisis - it's too late
heaven 17 - rocket man
wang chung - girls and boys
the hidden charms - love you cause you're there
blur - tender (live at wembley)
stiff little fingers - johnny was

Download show here!

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Popkiss! Show tracks for Sat. Nov. 14/15

mt. wolf - hex
daughter - numbers
liines - never there
kite base - miracle waves
the hummingbirds - out of the rain
shake shake go - we are now
the libertines - heart of the matter
babyshambles - killamangiro
adam & the ants - the magnificent five
the pop group - s.o.p.h.i.a.
sex pistols - submission
the big pink - hightimes
fever dream - dance forever
splashh - nobody loves you like i do
girls names - chrome rose
-----northern soul spotlight
roy hamilton - crackin' up over you
billy butler - burning touch of love
shirley ellis - soul time
ketty lester - some things are better left unsaid
reparata & the delrons - panic
-----lp session - traams "modern dancing"
traams - sisters
traams - neckbrace
traams - car song
visage - aurora
durutti column - bordeaux
northside - my rising star (12" version)
gengahr - fill my gums with blood
sundara karma - prisons to purify feat marika hackman
the wake - english rain
the wake - provincial disco
secret shine - into the ether
white baer - exit four
blanck mass - double cross
the hidden charms - dreaming of another girl
surge - loveblood
the lovely eggs - goofin' around (in lancashire)
allusondrugs - am i weird?
beach baby - limousine
warm brains - now that i'm boring feat katherine whitaker
trust fund - scared II

Download show

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Like A Deer Caught In The Headlights! Show tracks for Sat. Nov. 7/15

Back to business after the Pledge Drive week. Thanks to all who donated to CJAM this year! And a special thanks to those who donated through this program. You can still donate, at the link featured below in last week's post. It's never too late! WE ARE CJAM!

the charlatans - let the good times be never ending
bloc party - the love within
suede - outsiders
cinerama - deer caught in the headlights
simple minds & the stranglers - (get a) grip (on yourself)
the kooks - creatures of habit
iggy pop - sister midnight
spc eco - incomplete
cheatahs - hey, chen
slowdive - avalyn I
the sound - monument
coves - stormy
younghusband - she lies awake
younghusband - blonde bending
flowers - ego loss
sundara karma - run away
indigo child - shangri la
darkstar - stoke the fire
disclosure - magnets feat lorde
new order - unlearn this hatred
-----lp session - visage "demons to diamonds"
visage - before you win
visage - loving the alien
visage - star city
clock opera - changeling
los porcos - porc noise complaint
the luxembourg signal - distant drive
editors - forgiveness
dead ceremony - seventeen
the tuts - do i have to look for love?
skinny girl diet - fix me
ill - ill song
savages - the answer
bill ryder-jones - two to birkenhead
bill ryder-jones - put it down before you break it
paul heaton & jacqui abbot - lonesome and sad millionaire
the pogues - the ghost of a smile
storms - undress
chorusgirl - no moon
trash - urban glow


Saturday, October 31, 2015

Pledge Drive/Halloween 2015 show tracks for Sat. Oct. 31/15

Our pledge drive show for 2015 is tonight! Hope you will tune in for a some Halloween theme tracks as well many reasons for you to support CJAM.
Every dollar we receive goes to keeping CJAM 99.1 FM on the air, accomplishing our mission operating a campus-based community radio station providing music and information programming not offered by mainstream commercial media in the Windsor/Detroit area.
Super easy, fast and safe to donate to CJAM using this dedicated page for our show.
Check it out and feel free to support volunteer driven campus community radio in Windsor!
Thank you for your support!

the automatic - monster
the wombats - tokyo (vampires & wolves)
the horrors - jack the ripper
the wytches - if not for money
japan - halloween
sun machine - the loudest of them
amy winehouse - you're wondering now
real lies - dab housing
lonelady - mortar remembers you
ian brown - f.e.a.r.
the levellers - the devil went down to georgia
the zutons - moons & horror shows
dodgy - melodies haunt you
the fall - there's a ghost in my house
-----northern soul spotlight
the wigan casino 3 before 8
tobi legend - time will pass you by
jimmy radcliffe - long before the night is over
dean parrish - i'm on my way
pulp - disco 2000
-----lp session - guy garvey "courting the squall"
guy garvey - harder edges
guy garvey - juggernaut
guy garvey - electricity feat jolie holland
ill - ill song
skinny girl diet - silver spoons
siouxsie & the banshees - halloween
curve - horror head
franz ferdinand & sparks - police encounters
outfit - boy
iron maiden - fear of the dark

Monthly Indiessential chart for October 2015

The Best Of The British Indie/Alternative Scene

1. ILLUMINATIONS (LP) ... Lusts (1965 Records)
2. SETTLED IN OUR HEARTS EP ... Cat Bear Tree (Cat Bear Tree)
3. THE ANSWER ... Savages (Matador)
4. IN DREAM (LP) ... Editors (Play It Again Sam)
5. PRIESTESS ... Pumarosa (Chess Club Records)
6. REAL LIFE (LP) ... Real Lies (Marathon Artists)
7. SEXWITCH (LP) ... Sexwitch (The Echo Label Limited)
8. SUPER TRANSPORTERREUM EP ... Menace Beach (Memphis Industries)
9. WHAT WE HAVEN'T GOT YET ... Jaws (Bad Co. Records)
10. DREAM SODA (LP) ... Demob Happy (So Recordings/Silva Screen Records)
11. THE BIRTHDAY OF THE WORLD (LP) ... Hatcham Social (Crocodile Records)
12. TIRED EYES ... Gengahr (Transgressive)
13. TAKE YOUR JACKET OFF & GET INTO IT (LP) ... Vangoffey (Distiller Records)
14. ORDINARY BOYS (LP) ... Ordinary Boys (Treat Yourself Records)
15. MIRRORS (LP) ... Reverend & The Makers (Cooking Vinyl)
16. BRING SOME ... Man Made (Soul Kitchen)
17. DIMINISHING RETURNS ... Model Railway Exhibition (model railway exhibition)
18. PARTS PRIMITIVE (LP) ... Primitive Parts (Trouble In Mind Records)
19. IT'S NOT ROCK & ROLL ... Trampolene (Mi7 Records)
20. SURRENDER (LP) ... Hurts (Columbia)

Compiled from playlists, listener requests and dj input for October 2015

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Take Off Your Jacket & Get Into It! Show tracks for Sat. Oct. 24/15

Tonight on the eve of the big celebration Cowboys & Indies will be "Keeping It Peel"! October 25 is the anniversary of John's death, one of our musical idols. Tonight some new releases an LP Session and loads of Peel Sessions to celebrate!

Super easy, fast and safe to donate to CJAM during this year's Pledge Drive. The new look page is up and running. Check it out and feel free to support volunteer driven campus community radio in Windsor! Donation page is open now. No need to wait.
Join us Saturday Oct. 31 (yes Halloween) for our annual Pledge Drive show.

mitch benn & the distractions - a minute's noise for John
the undertones - teenage kicks (festive 50 1981)
the fall - rebellious jukebox (peel session)
savages - the answer
pj harvey - victory (peel session)
slow riot - city of colour
holy esque - hexx
jesus & mary chain - some candy talking (peel session)
the chameleons - nostalgia (peel session)
pleasure beach - dreamer to the dawn
the associates - party fears two (peel session)
kissing the pink - big man restless
david bowie - heroes (peel session)
simple minds - ghostdancing
spring king - who are you?
venice trip - said too much
trampolene - it's not rock and roll
vangoffey - alfie loves the birds
vangoffey - spilt milk
the smiths - still ill (peel session)
inspiral carpets - gimme shelter (peel session)
primal scream - crystal crescent (peel session)
the boomtown rats - mary of the 4th form (peel session)
television personalities - a picture of dorian gray (peel session)
dexy's midnight runners - tell me when my light turns green (peel session)
-----lp session - cheatahs "mythologies"
cheatahs - channel view
cheatahs - in flux
cheatahs - freak waves
cheatahs - reverie bravo
the shop assistants - i don't want to be friends with you (peel session)
delta 5 - delta 5 (peel session)
cabaret voltaire - walls of jericho (peel session)
the pop group - words disobey me (peel session)
kerosene - one hundred & twelve
east of eden - northern hemispheres
black sonic revolver - darken my door
sea pinks - depth of field
catholic action - l.u.v.
-----lp session #2 - lusts "illuminations"
lusts - temptation
lusts - bad weekend
lusts - mouthwash
a certain ratio - all night party (peel session)
blur - popscene (live at peel acres)
pulp - common people (peel session)
echo & the bunnymen - over the wall (peel session)


Saturday, October 17, 2015

Disposable Anthems! Show tracks for Sat. Oct. 17/15

Very sad. Camera Obscura's Carey Lander succumbed to her battle with cancer. RIP Carey. Condolences to her family, friends, bandmates and fans.
We open the show with a couple Camera Obscura tracks in her memory.

Tune in next week for some special Keeping It Peel programming!

camera obscura - let me go home
camera obscura - the sweetest thing
stranglers & simple minds - (get a) grip (on yourself)
chain of flowers - crisis
esper scout - in foreign
the spook school - books and hooks and movements
novella - sentences
the kooks - creatures of habit
the names - stranger than you
youth club - pressure
hurts - lights
hurts - kaleidoscope
friendly fires - blue cassette
last shadow puppets - standing next to me
the vaccines - give me a sign
the zombies - chasing the past
the libertines - time for heroes
-----northern soul spotlight
marvin smith - have more time
erma franklin - whispers (getting louder)
johnny moore - walk like a man
susan barrett - what's it gonna be
the artistics - nothing but heartaches (keep haunting me)
-----lp session - the ordinary boys "ordinary boys"
the ordinary boys - losing my cool
the ordinary boys - almost ready
the ordinary boys - disposable anthem
the maccabees - ribbon road
the anchoress - popular
guy garvey - unwind
peace - perfect skin
ride - polar bear
real lies - one club town
real lies - naked ambition
deux furieuses - can we talk about this (feral five remix)
duran duran - danceophobia
little boots - desire
chvrches - keep you on my side
clinic - tape for jase
cheatahs - su-pra
gengahr - face to black
younghusband - better times
sahara - say the right thing
otherkin - love's a liability

Download the show!

Sunday, October 11, 2015

People On The High Line! Show tracks for Sat. Oct. 10/15

Shorter days, longer nights, cooler temps and Halloween is days away. So all this can only mean one thing! CJAM Pledge Drive is near. Think how you can help Windsor's only campus community volunteer driven radio station. New changes will make donating easier and quicker! Stay tuned. WE ARE CJAM!

johnny marr - i fought the law (live)
jaws - what we haven't got yet
bloc party - the love within
public service broadcasting - korolev
nzca lines - persephone dreams
new order - people on the high line
public image limited - i'm not satisfied
the smiths - jeane
unkle bob - the long way home
ride - vapour trail (trail mix by robert smith)
the charlatans - polar bear
swim deep - fueiho boogie
reverend & the makers - amsterdam
reverend & the makers - something to remember
reverend & the makers - mr glasshalfempty
-----northern soul spotlight
erma franklin - gotta find me a new lover
the charmaines - eternally
the insiders - i'm just a man
billy butler - right track
tyrone davis - one way ticket
-----lp session - hatcham social "the birthday of the world"
hatcham social - wondrous place
hatcham social - our love will carry us through the stars (song for joanna)
hatcham social - darling
yak - no
johnny foreigner - flooding
shopping - private party
otherkin - 20 to 11
oasis - roll with it
blossoms - charlemagne
lusts - illuminations
the vryll society - coshh
kid wave - i'm trying to break your heart
the 1975 - love me
famy - ava
hurts - some kind of heaven
this is the bridge - dissatisfaction (version)
campag velocet - to lose la trek
the duke spirit - blue and yellow light
cat bear tree - in actual fact
menswe@r - crash '14
is tropical - lights on


Saturday, October 3, 2015

Leave Them All Behind! Show tracks for Sat. Oct. 3/15

Ride were amazing at St. Andrew's Hall last Thursday night! Still upset the The Chameleons were the same night and I had to miss them. Probably the last time for them, especially in Detroit. But at least Ride didn't disappoint.
And now Lush join the like of My Bloody Valentine, Slowdive, Swervedriver and Ride and reunite for a show. True it is only 1 show and it is in the UK but that's how all reunion tours start. Attention Lush, Ride, Slowdive did tremendously well in the Motor City so you can come on over too!

ride - paralysed
lush - superblast!
man made - bring some
gengahr - tired eyes
the big moon - nothing without you
sahara - ask me again
shopping - passing through
guy garvey - angela's eyes
noel gallagher's high flying birds - the girl with the x-ray eyes (david holmes rework)
childcare - omega grey
cat bear tree - adult
girls names - desire oscillations
sexwitch - war in peace
visage - seven deadly sins (part two)
human league - the things that dreams are made of (original dub edit)
siouxsie & the banshees - the killing jar
serpent power - lucifer's dream box
-----lp session - demob happy "dream soda"
demob happy - summer cash in
demob happy - summoner
demob happy - underneath your tree
the la's - timeless melody
the clientele - on a summer trail
belle & sebastian - the power of three
the darling buds - let's go round there
baby strange - pleasure city
the jesus & mary chain - april skies
terminal gods - road of the law
hey colossus - hop the railings
hey colossus - memories of wonder
coquin migale - luv
model railway exhibition - diminishing returns
jesuits - dinner jazz
the hoo has - yankee
prom - touch me
beach baby - limousine
desperate journalist - good luck
daughter - doing the right thing


Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Monthly Indiessential chart for September 2015

The Best Of The British Indie/Alternative Scene

1. URTH (LP) ... Kagoule (Earache Records)
2. ANTHEMS FOR DOOMED YOUTH (LP) ... The Libertines (Virgin)
3. WHAT WENT DOWN (LP) ... Foals (Warner)
4. WASTING AWAY AND WONDERING (LP) ... The School (Elefant)
5. BLUSH ... White (RCA)
6. DISSEMBLE (LP) ... Autobahn (Tough Love Records)
7. THE MAKING OF (LP) ... The Bohicas (Domino)
8. SLEEP ... Night Flowers (Dirty Bingo Records)
9. MOTHERS (LP) ... Swim Deep (RCA)
10. MUSIC COMPLETE (LP) ... New Order (Mute)
11. OH, TO BE A DEFECTOR ... Chorusgirl (Chorusgirl)
12. THE ROAD ... The Big Moon (Handsome Dad Records)
13. FALSE ADVERTISING (LP) ... False Advertising (False Advertising)
14. NATIONAL PLASTICS ... Pretty Vicious (Virgin)
15. HAUNTED (LP) ... The Underground Youth (Fuzz Club)
16. HEY SAMURAI! (LP) ... Northern Uproar (Northern Uproar)
17. ECLIPSE (LP) ... Paris Angels (Paris Angels)
18. WHAT THE WORLD NEEDS NOW... (LP) ... Public Image Limited (PiL Official)
19. HIGHEST POINT IN CLIFF TOWN (LP) ... Hooton Tennis Club (Heavenly)
20. SPLIT EP ... Seconds (Soft Power)

Compiled from playlists, listener requests and dj input for September 2015

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Wired For Sound! Show tracks for Sat. Sept. 26/15

tears for fears - change (extended)
night flowers - sitting pretty
suede - outsiders
mansun - take it easy chicken
shed seven - wired for sound
northern uproar - 24 hours/24 days
northern uproar - everlasting rain
cheatahs - signs to lorelei
jaws - what we haven't got yet
cocteau twins - fotzepolitic
maccabees - spit it out
stars - long hot summer (style council cover)
pumarosa - priestess
girls names - i was you
-----northern soul spotlight
the exciters - blowing up my mind
don ray - born a loser
peggy march - if you loved me
jack montgomery - dearly beloved
billy thompson - black-eyed girl
-----lp session - editors "in dream"
editors - ocean of night
editors - the law feat rachel goswell
editors - at all costs
tindersticks - we are dreamers! feat jehnny beth
zurich - chemical
the fall - bombast
new order - singularity
new order - nothing but a fool
hatcham social - find a way to let in your sins (hit a red cut a right)
sundara karma - vivienne
tom furse - run to me pt 3
paris angels - release
paris angels - tough
black sonic revolver - callin' my name
spc eco - smile
post war glamour girls - cannonball villages
richard hawley - the world looks down


Saturday, September 19, 2015

Purifying Tones! Show tracks for Sat. Sept. 19/15

Nice week! A couple great record buying trips. One here in Windsor, the other in Detroit and some online orders came in too. Why does buying music make me feel so happy? A sample of all of my purchases are here tonight.
Don't forget to scroll all the way to the bottom for 2 free download links to new tracks. And of course, the link to download the show!

the big moon - the road
white - blush
new order - plastic
autobahn - society
spector - west end
duran duran - you kill me with silence
sexwitch - ha howa ha howa
p.i.l. - know now
akabu - akabu theme
kiko bun - sometimes
traams - silver lining
demob happy - junk dna
tc lethbridge - shoemaker - levy 9
flesh - dead lonely
circa waves - stuck in my teeth
the cribs - wish i knew you in the 90s
sisteray - take it or leave it
hooton tennis club - i'm not going rose's again
-----lp session - swim deep "mothers"
swim deep - green conduit
swim deep - forever spaceman
swim deep - lanaikea
splashh - pure blue
sulk - black infinity (upside down)
the vryll society - air
black market karma - jokerjam
black honey - corrine
the primitives - purifying tone (reworked by modular)
secret shine - temporal
british sea power - carrion
engineers - it rings so true
the fiction aisle - blue
primitive parts - eyes
primitive parts - open heads
the loft - up the hill and down the slope
seconds - rest
stereophonics - white lies
joe strummer & the mescaleros - techno d-day


Saturday, September 12, 2015

Anthems For Doomed Youth! Show tracks for Sat. Sept. 12/15

Welcome back students! We open with The Fall and the official C&I greeting.

the fall - hey! student (peel session)
the bohicas - swarm
the duke spirit - here comes the vapour
wolf alice - baby ain't made of china
summer camp - angela
zurich - alone
swim deep - namaste
kagoule - glue
surge - i don't know what you think about love
false advertising - i don't know
false advertising - cold shoulder
allusondrugs - magic college
blur - the universal
david bowie - scary monsters (and super creeps)
foals - snake oil
british sea power - heavenly waters
british sea power - waving flags
-----northern soul spotlight
the van dykes - save my love for a rainy day
sharon scott - it's better
the seven souls - i still love you
shane martin - i need you
-----lp session - the libertines "anthems for doomed youth"
the libertines - barbarians
the libertines - you're my waterloo
the libertines - belly of the beast
the libertines - fury of chonburi
public image limited - c'est la vie
kite base - dadum
pretty vicious - national plastics
crybaby special - one winged bird
trampolene - concept lover
starsailor - give up the ghost
ride - ox4
the underground youth - dreaming with maya deren
the underground youth - drown in me
the maccabees - something like happiness (steve mason remix)
chorusgirl - oh, to be a defector
the school - every day
the death of pop - gardens
holy motors - heavy flow
seconds - crawl space
the flyte - please eloise


Saturday, September 5, 2015

Wasting Away And Wondering! Show tracks for Sat. Sept. 5/15

Back to grind after two weeks of special programming. So there is loads of new material to get through. Including 4 amazing LPs from Kagoule, Autobahn, The Bohicas & The School in the LP Session. Not to mention enough new tracks to fill 3 shows. So tonight's unofficial theme "Less Talk-More Rawk"!

We open with a tribute to Rico Rodriguez, a legendary Ska horn player, most recognizable as being in The Specials, and so much more in his long illustrious career!

the specials - man at c&a (r.i.p. rico rodriguez)
mcalmont & butler - yes
menace beach - ghoul power
blossoms - blown rose
cheatahs - seven sisters
false advertising - dozer
kagoule - adjust the way
kagoule - open mouth
escapists - what are you waiting for
liu bei - mind over matter
affairs - brothers
whyte horses - the snowfalls
dave mccabe & the ramifications - church of miami
department m - long way into your heart
sexwitch - helelyos
autobahn - missing in action
autobahn - impressionist
-----northern soul spotlight
gerri grainger - i go to pieces (everytime)
willie kendrick - change your ways
the metros - since i found my baby
the ivories - please stay
morris chestnut - too darn soulful
-----lp session - the school "wasting away and wondering"
the school - love is anywhere you find it
the school - don't worry baby (i don't love you anyway)
the school - my heart's bleeding overtime
the school - he's gonna break your heart one day
white - blush
sahara - ask me again
girl friend - electric blue
the kills - dna [request for clara]
ménage à trois - be right back
the libertines - glasgow coma scale blues
the strypes - lover's leave
spring king - city
pretty vicious - it's always there
the bohicas - i do it for your love
the bohicas - red raw
the big moon - the road
love l.u.v. - sold my love
swervedriver - winter depths
shopping - straight lines
juice - acid kids
foals - london thunder
reverend & the makers - makin' babies
flesh - w8 4 me


Thursday, September 3, 2015

Monthly Indiessential chart for August 2015

The Best Of The British Indie/Alternative Scene

1. MARKS TO PROVE IT (LP) ... The Maccabees (Fiction)
2. GREEN LANES (LP) ... Ultimate Painting (Trouble In Mind Records)
3. SUCCULENT THUNDER ANTHEM ... Traams (FatCat Records)
4. ODE TO ANTHONY H. WILSON ... Mike Garry & Joe Budden (Skinny Dog Records)
5. LONG ROAD (LP) ... Milltown Brothers (Stanley Records)
6. A DISGRACE TO MODERN SCIENCE ... Apologies (Apologies)
7. HIDDEN FIELDS (LP) ... The Telescopes (Tapete Records)
8. FEEL EP ... Coquin Migale (End Of The Trail Records)
9. NOT GNA ... Flesh (RIP Records)
10. HEAVENLY ... Pale Waves (Pale Waves)
11. CHILD OF A SHOOTING STAR ... Tom Furse (Lo Recordings)
12. DULL IS THE NEW INTERESTING (LP) ... I, Ludicrous (Old King Lud)
13. THE GENIUS OF THE CROWD EP ... Piano Wire (Something In Construction/Demand)
14. CARPET FLOORS ... The Jesuits (The Jesuits)
15. WAITING FOR NOTHING EP ... Elefantasy (Elefantasy)
16. BLACK WIDOW ... Reverend & The Makers (Cooking Vinyl)
17. I'M NOT YOURS ... Pure Youth (Pure Youth)
18. LIGHTS ... Hurts (Columbia)
19. ETCH AND ETCH DEEP (LP) ... Haiku Salut (How Does It Feel To Be Loved)
20. BG092 ... Oh Well, Goodbye (Bleeding Gold Records)

Compiled from playlists, listener requests and dj input for August 2015

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Join Our Club! Show tracks for Sat. Aug. 29/15

25 years in the bag and not without surprises. Just a minute from starting the show and the power in the building goes out. For over 20 minutes. I'm serious, you can't make this shit up! So I almost took the hint and postponed the show, I mean why make the big guy even angrier! lol
So the show was a little shorter in length and about 5 tracks I wanted to play didn't get played. But we start the next 25 years next Saturday night! I'll probably save those missed 5 tracks for a Mixtape Memories segment.
Hope you enjoyed the show. I want to thank Scott for being my partner in crime and starting the show 25 years ago. Probably wouldn't have done it by myself. I want to thank all the listeners who came along on some musical trips with us over the years. It if it wasn't for you, the show wouldn't have lasted a year. Thanks everyone! Family, friends, bands, labels and of course the listeners!

blur - anniversary waltz
stone roses - i wanna be adored (12" version)
saint etienne - join our club (chicken soup mix)
madness - the wizard
inspiral carpets - dragging me down
the pastels - speeding motorcycle
the pipettes - boo shuffle
mccarthy - the well of loneliness
the boo radleys - i hang suspended
manic street preachers - you love us
oasis - columbia
ride - cool your boots
the orb - little fluffy clouds
menswear - being brave
wedding present - a million miles
dodgy - in a room
the pooh sticks - on tape
the verve - the drugs don't work
suede - my insatiable one
mansun - serotonin
the charlatans - then
travis - turn
hard-fi - middle eastern holiday
pj harvey - this is love
elbow - powder blue
amy winehouse - love is a losing game
starsailor - good souls
the delays - long time coming
the music - take the long road and walk it
franz ferdinand - michael
arctic monkeys - i bet you look good on the dancefloor
kaiser chiefs - the angry mob
futureheads - radio heart
the horrors - new ice age
gorillaz - on melancholy hill

Due to the power outage the download links are in 2 parts. Sorry for the inconvenience.
Part One
Part Two

Sunday, August 23, 2015

The Week The World Turned Dayglo! Show tracks for Sat. Aug. 22/15

Hope you enjoyed last night's show as we closed out CJAM Radio Brain Drain week long tribute to punk.
It was an encore performance of last year's contribution.
Join us Saturday night for our 25th Anniversary celebration.

sex pistols - anarchy in the uk (wessex studios session)
sham 69 - if the kids are united
the damned - new rose
stiff little fingers - gotta getaway
the undertones - true confessions
the skids - into the valley
the adverts - one chord wonders
the jam - in the city
the boomtown rats - looking after no.1
xtc - radios in motion
wire - ex lion tamer
the stranglers - goodbye toulouse
the clash - cheat
the slits - instant hit
the ruts - babylon's burning
bad manners - lorraine
the specials - concrete jungle
the beat - click click
the beat - stand down margaret
madness - the prince
the bodysnatchers - 007
the raincoats - off duty trip
the only ones - lovers of today
x-ray spex - the day the world turned dayglo
999 - nasty nasty
generation x - valley of the dolls
the rezillos - can't stand my baby
au pairs - come again
killing joke - wardance
joy division - shadowplay
siouxsie & the banshees - jigsaw feeling
echo & the bunnymen - crocodiles
the outsiders - calling on youth
the buzzcocks - autonomy
the members - solitary confinement
the vibrators - baby baby
theatre of hate - do you believe in westworld?
ian dury & the blockheads - inbetweenies
tom robinson band - grey cortina
elvis costello & the attractions - goon squad
tenpole tudor - swords of a thousand men
gang of four - i found that essence rare
the lurkers - countdown
the exploited - punk's not dead
charged gbh - city baby attacked by rats
crass - big a little a
discharge - protest & survive

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Absence Makes Ther Heart Grow Fonder!

Had I not been going to The Church wsg The Psychedelic Furs and had it not been CJAM's special tribute to punk rock Radio Brain Drain week, these are some of the tracks that would have been featured. With next week being the 25th Anniversary show these tracks wouldn't get any attention on the show for 2 more weeks. So let's collect them here and have a listen like you would on the radio.

That's just some of the singles. Now throw in a handful of albums that crossed the desk as well. Some of them long awaited debuts and album of the year contenders.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

The Genius Of The Crowd! Show tracks for Sat. Aug. 15/15

Since this last Monday was the anniversary of Tony Wilson's death we open with the brilliant new tribute single.
We extend the tribute to the Mixtape segment as well featuring tracks from Factory Records in honour of it's founder.

Programming note; next week Cowboy & Indies will have a special guest host as it takes part of CJAM's Radio Brain Drain week long history of punk celebration.
We'll return on the 29th for the 25th anniversary show. Hope you'll join us!

mike garry & joe duddell - st anthony (ode to anthony h wilson)
stockholm monsters - partyline (12" version)
editors - life is a fear
stereolab - ping pong
chvrches - never ending circles
x-o-dus - english black boys
the selecter - see them a come
rhoda dakar - let's do rocksteady
tom furse - trans-universal express
the moonlandingz - sweet saturn mine (sean lennon de-mix)
drones club - cold hand
808 state - cobra bora
lusts - waves
autobahn - society
silver shields - i wonder if you're thinking of me now
ist ist - one to one
chain of flowers - crisis
sahara - rearranging
kagoule - made of concrete
-----lp session - the telescopes "hidden fields"
the telescopes - you know the way
the telescopes - absence
the telescopes - in every sense
allusondrugs - sunset yellow
amatuer best - they know
beach fatigue - drunken grrrls
jesuits - carpet floors
sharptooth - queen of scots
-----mixtape memories
orchestral manoeuvres in the dark - electricity (original version)
cath carroll - england made me
james - hymn from a village
the distractions - time goes by so slow
the names - night shift
the orch - official heat
tony wilson & peter saville interview clip later with jools holland june 2006
piano wire - into the orchid
hey colossus - hop the railings
coquin migale - socotra
kassassin street - radio silence
hurts - lights


Saturday, August 8, 2015

Succulent Thunder Anthems! Show tracks for Sat. Aug. 8/15

editors - marching orders
telegram - aeons
foals - knife in the ocean
the maccabees - river song
the wood burning savages - premier league
medicine men - lowlands
traams - succulent thunder anthem
girl band - paul
fruit bomb - goin' home
automatic writing - new colours
oh welll goodbye - hey alright
oh welll goodbye - so i say
night flowers - sleep
veludo planes - wicker man
milltown brothers - rockville
the fratellis - dogtown
reverend & the makers - black widow
hey sholay - eyes for me
the bohicas - the making of
the hidden charms - long way down
-----lp session - ultimate painting "green lanes"
ultimate painting - kodiak
ultimate painting - the ocean
ultimate painting - two form the vault
ultimate painting - woken by noises
kite base - dadum
drones club - without sky
spector - reeperbahn
pink flames - pain
the black tambourines - she don't mind
-----mixtape memories
the pogues - body of an american
culture club - do you really want to hurt me? (dub version)
style council - it didn't matter
omd - julia's song (re-record)
telekinesis - souvenir (omd cover)
jennie vee - lips like sugar (echo & the bunnymen cover)
paul weller - saturns pattern feat leith congregational choir (straightface/young fathers remix)
beak> - broken window
mark lanegan & beth orton - your kisses burn
east end lovers - danny boy
pure youth - i'm not yours


Sunday, August 2, 2015

Everybody's Goin' To The Love-in! Show tracks for Sat. Aug. 1/15

Stay tuned for info on the 25th anniversary show. It's just a few weeks away.

swim deep - grand affection
the school - do I love you?
elbow - lost worker bee
grass house - unknown in the scene
milltown brothers - portrait
milltown brothers - hideaway
new order - restless
flesh - not gna
palma violets - girl, you couldn't do much better on the beach
the libertines - gunga din
elefantasy - sex tricks
the vaccines - denial
loop - coma
blindness - sunday morning
kobadelta - ithaca
the watchmakers - kiss the sun
-----northern soul spotlight
stanley mitchell - get it baby
bob brady & the con chords - everybodys goin' to the love-in
walter jackson - let me come back
beverly ann - he's comng home
the metros - i'll never forget you
-----lp session - maccabees "marks to prove it"
the maccabees - ribbon road
the maccabees - spit it out
the maccabees - slow sun
culture club - take control
haiku salut - bleak and beautiful (all things)
damon albarn - hollow ponds
dios mio - treehouse
pale waves - heavenly
haus - haze
department m - bleak technique
night games - nine days
siouxsie & the banshees - tenant
siouxsie & the banshees - red light
editors - fingers in the factories
i, ludicrous - three english football grounds
i, ludicrous - george jenkins
alternative tv - ramblings of a madman
apologies - a disgrace to modern science
piano wire - i'll kill you


Monthly Indiessential chart for July 2015

The Best Of The British Indie/Alternative Scene

1. DO I LOVE YOU? ... The School (Elefant Records)
2. AEONS ... Telegram (GramGram Records)
3. GRAND AFFECTION ... Swim Deep (RCA)
4. DREAMING OF ANOTHER GIRL ... Hidden Charms (Deltasonic)
5. WORKING GIRL (LP) ... Little Boots (On Repeat)
6. LOOK FORWARD ... Venice Trip (RYP Recordings)
7. WRAPPED IN PLASTIC (LP) ... Blindness (Saint Marie)
8. ARRAY 1 ... Loop (ATP/Recordings)
9. NOISE EP ... Bloodflower (Bloodflower)
10. SUBMISSION EP ... Holy Esque (Beyond The Frequency)
11. BABY DON’T YOU LIE TO ME! ... The Fratellis (Cooking Vinyl)
12. HOT. RECKLESS. TOTALLY INSANE. (LP) ... Best Friends (FatCat)
13. DECENCY (LP) ... Frankie & The Heartstrings (Pop Sex Ltd./Wichita)
14. DEEP BLUE SKIES ... The Vryll Society (Deltasonic)
15. CYCLICAL EP ... Kins (East City Records)
16. INJI (LP) ... La Priest (Domino)
17. MOURNING BIRDS (LP) ... Mourning Birds (The Preservation Society Presents)
18. THE ARTFUL DODGER EP ... The Jacques (25 Hour Convenience Store)
19. THE SHATTERPROOF MAN EP ... Girl One And The Grease Guns (Squirrel)
20. NO MIND NO MONEY / U R ... Beach Baby (Chess Club)

Compiled from playlists, listener requests and dj input for July 2015

Saturday, July 25, 2015

A Good Night's Sleep And A Cab Fare Home! Show tracks for Sat. July 25/15

the fratellis - baby don't you lie to me
wolf alice - lisbon
the ordinary boys - four letter word
foals - mountain at my gates
the bulls - small problems
elefantasy - sex tricks
ficiton - half yawning
belle & sebastian - perfect couples (extended)
outfit - framed
postcards from jeff - tired wings
postcards from jeff - samaritans
blossoms - blown rose
drones club - it rolls on
chemical brothers - under neon lights feat. st. vincent
avec sans - when you go
tropics - indigo
hudson mohawke - kettles
soak - sea creatures
jamie xx - girl
hot chip - cry for you
-----lp session - blindness "wrapped in plastic"
blindness - serves me right
blindness - no one counts
blindness - confessions
the strypes - good night's sleep and a cab fare home
stereophonics - i wanna get lost with you
manuka honeys - below the belt
syd kemp - bold lines
orange vision - dark around the eyes
baby strange - california sun
-----mixtape memories
ocean colour scene - sway
blur - there's no other way (extended)
flowered up - it's on
the farm - groovy train
real people - window pane
summer camp - you're gone
venice trip - look forward
the diamond age - sleepwalking
girl one & the grease guns - the shatterproof man
dot dash - thru the dark
black sonic revolver - future


Saturday, July 18, 2015

Rip It Up And Start Again! Show tracks for Sat. July 18/15

world of twist - she's a rainbow (12 inch version)
manic street preachers - out of time
menace beach - super transporterreum
cheatahs - wash out
apologies - pool party violence
palace - head above the water
the kvb - still warm
spector - stay high
love amongst ruin - swan killer
love amongst ruin - so close
lull - bubble tea
bloodflower - keep talking
echo & the bunnymen - all that jazz
joy division - a means to an end
mick karn - thundergirl mutation
egyptian hip hop - yoro diallo
-----northern soul spotlight
philly devotions - i just can't say goodbye
chairman of the board - (you got me) dangling on a string
herb ward - honest to goodness
al greene & the soul mates - don't leave me
-----lp session - best friends "hot. reckless. totally insane.
best friends - if you think too much your brain will fall out
best friends - dr. mario
best friends - orange juice
chvrches - leave a trace
hurts - rolling stone
holy esque - strange
lock - click
desert sound colony - fashion
golden fable - there is a light that never goes out
bill ryder-jones - only love can break your heart
the farm - don't you want me
the train set - she's gone
the reflection a.o.b. - no compromise
the bridge - a lucky day
riot of colour - swallow
hooton tennis club - p.o.w.e.r.f.u.l p.i.e.r.r.e.
the bohicas - swarm
demob happy - wash it down
swim deep - grand affection
oslo parks - slipping away


Sunday, July 12, 2015

Through Your Hands Love Can Shine! Show tracks for Sat. July 11/15

Tonight the age old questions Do I Love You? and Are You Ready To Be Heartbroken? get answered.
Click on the The School video link to download the track for free.
That coupled with newly released vintage era Strawberry Switchblade recordings made me wonder if
the show actually needed anything else.

johnny marr - candidate
the waterboys - long strange golden road
the school - do i love you?
camera obscura - lloyd, i'm ready to be heartbroken
the proctors - summer begins
the popguns - if you ever change your mind
rose mcdowall - cut with the cake knife
frankie & the heartstrings - decency
frankie & the heartstrings - money
inspiral carpets - you're so good for me
noel gallagher's high flying birds - the right stuff
the winachi tribe - time for love
giorgio tuma & laetitia sadier - through your hands love can shine
the mothmen - does it matter irene? (radio session version)
african head charge - in a trap
-----northern soul spotlight
lou courtney - trying to find my woman
nancy ames - i don't want to talk about it
little richard - a little bit of something (beats a whole lot of nothing)
erma franklin - whispers (getting louder)
gene chandler - mr big shot
-----lp session - little boots "working girl"
little boots - real girl
little boots - help too
little boots - better in the morning
girls names - a hunger artist
kins - cyclical
autobahn - society
the death of pop - still stupid
black sonic revolver - space & time
p.i.l. - double trouble
-----mixtape memories
weather prophets - almost prayed
the loft - up the hill and down the slope
jasmine minks - world's no place
the june brides - every conversation
razorcuts - sad kaleidoscope
saint raymond - fall at your feet
saint raymond - wild heart
menace beach - tennis court
deux fuerises - the party of shaitaan
joanna gruesome - i don't wanna relax
the vryll society - beautiful faces
venice trip - father of the universe


Saturday, July 4, 2015

Take Ya Jacket Off And Get Into It! Show tracks for Sat. July 4/15

the comsat angels - independence day
this heat - independence
the libertines - gunga din
the fratellis - baby don't you lie to me
hidden charms - dreaming of another girl
palma violets - no money honey
the vaccines - (all afternoon) in love
loop - precession
black honey - madonna
mourning birds - belinda
mourning birds - down
younghusband - better times
david bowie - holy holy
holy holy - width of a circle (live)
stone roses - one love
-----northern soul spotlight
sandi sheldon - you're gonna make me love you
sharon scott - i'd like to know
roscoe robinson - that's enough
rose valentine - i've gotta to know right now
the cavaliers - hold on to my baby
-----lp session - la priest "inji"
la priest - occasion
la priest - gene washes with new arm
la priest - night train
la priest - mountain
jane weaver - mission desire
vangoffey - race of life
totem terrors - narrowman
the bluetones - slight return
gengahr - haunter
the rockingbirds - further down the line
-----mixtape memories
the dukes of stratosphear - vanishing girl
julian cope - sunspots (single remix)
primal scream - gentle tuesday
the times - i helped patrick mcgoohan escape
inspiral carpets - weakness
biff bang pow! - there must be a better life
the jackobins - waiting on the sun
bloodflower - people/places
white fever - don't blame it on me
night dials - i've done more things
louis berry - 25 reasons
lux lisbon - keep me wild


Friday, July 3, 2015

Monthly Indiessential chart for June 2015

The Best Of The British Indie/Alternative Scene

1. MY LOVE IS COOL (LP) ... Wolf Alice (Dirty Hit/RCA)
2. A DREAM OUTSIDE (LP) ... Gengahr (Transgressive)
3. FFS (LP) ... Franz Ferdinand & Sparks (Domino)
4. IN COLOUR (LP) ... Jamie XX (Young Turks/XL)
5. SUBCULTURE (LP) ... The Selecter (DMF)
6. FLAME ... Sundara Karma (Chess Club)
7. WILD NIGHTS (LP) ... Pins (Bella Union)
8. RETICENCE ... Girls Names (Tough Love Records)
9. SLOWNESS (LP) ... Outfit (Memphis Industries)
10. GET TO HEAVEN (LP) ... Everything Everything (RCA)
11. RED KITE (LP) ... Sarah Cracknell (Cherry Red Records)
12. ARE WE SEXY ENOUGH? ... Deux Furieuses (deux furieuses)
13. WONDERLUST (LP) ... Kid Wave (Heavenly Recordings)
14. WELCOME BACK TO MILK (LP) ... Du Blonde (Mute)
15. SLOW WAVE (LP) ... It Hugs Back (Safe & Sound)
16. IMMATERIAL MAN ... Autobahn (Tough Love Records)
17. GOLDEN HERO EP ... Stephen Hero (Ragoora Records)
18. HOME ECONOMICS (LP) ... Prinzhorn Dance School (DFA)
19. KABLAMMO! (LP) ... Ash (Atomic Heart)
20. THINK YOURSELF LUCKY ... Frankie & The Heartstrings (Pop Sex Ltd./Wichita Recordings)

Compiled from playlists, listener requests and dj input for June 2015

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Home Is Where The Heart Is! Show tracks for Sat. June 27/15

Decisions, decisions!
Go see Ride on Oct. 1 in Detroit?
Go see Chameleons Vox Oct. 1 in Detroit?
I already have tickets to Ride (no pun intended) but do I skip to see The Chameleons?
Tough one! What say you?

the chameleons - home is where the heart is
the lucid dream - cold killer
paul weller - phoenix
hyde & beast - hard times good times
frank turner - the next storm
the carraways - orange juice dreams
saint raymond - don't fail me now
holy esque - fade
it hugs back - endless drive
it hugs back - everything's ok
pins - got it bad
wolf alice - silk
prinzhorn dance school - education
boxed in - false alarm
la priest - lady in trouble with the law
little boots - no pressure
-----northern soul spotlight
sue lynne - don't pity me
robert knight - branded
the persuaders - i'm so glad i got you
beverly ann - you've got your mind on other things
-----lp session - everything everything "get to heaven"
everything everything - get to heaven
everything everything - the wheel (is turning now)
everything everything - no reptiles
ffs - johnny delusional
the vryll society - deep blue skies
black honey - spinning wheel
venice trip - look forward
california carpool - lucid dreamin'
deux furieuses - are we sexy enough?
-----mixtape memories
peter murphy - all night long
duran duran - hold back the rain
kate bush - kite
general public - cheque in the post
the specials - man at c&a
the jacques - down and out in london and tokyo
hidden charms - dreaming of another girl
beach baby - u r
mourning birds - the last thing (i need)
housewives - new dance
velvet morning - blue jean baby
ash - bring back the summer


Saturday, June 20, 2015

Before We Forgot How To Dream! Show tracks for Sat. June 20/15

girls names - reticence
sundara karma - flame
foals - what went down
the maccabees - something like happiness
editors - marching orders
blur - ong ong
outfit - new air
outfit - happy birthday
bloodflower - run
radiohead - let down
spiritualized - broken heart
prinzhorn dance school - reign
soak - blud
xam - coke float
-----northern soul spotlight
jackie wilson - the who who song
willie mitchell - that driving beat
johnny johnson & the bandwagon - (blame it) on the pony
gloria edwards - lonely girl
little richard - i don't want to discuss it
-----lp session - wolf alice "my love is cool"
wolf alice - turn to dust
wolf alice - silk
wolf alice - freazy
wolf alice - fluffy
sarah cracknell - nothing left to talk about feat nicky wire
stephen hero - his judas tree
the seahorses - round the universe
love & the family tree - phoneys & freaks (show me the truth)
the selecter - it never worked out
the selecter - karma
-----mixtape memories
the jam - set the house ablaze
the damned - ignite
buzzcocks - i don't what to do with my life
stiff little fingers - nobody's heroes
ffs - little guy from the suburbs
gengahr - embers
kid wave - honey
cruising - safe corridor
the darkness - roaring waters

Download code.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Postcards From Paradise! Show tracks for Sat. June 13/15

Since the last 2 shows were pre-recorded some events didn't get mentioned on air in a timely manner.
Tonight we celebrate Nick Marsh of Flesh For Lulu as he lost his battle with cancer. He was 53. So the first 2 songs opening tonight's show are in memory of him. RIP Nick.
Hard to believe that I Should Coco is 20 years old! Didn't that just age some of the people who read that. Still one of my fave summer albums was released in late May 1995.
Just for the hell of it we continued that Brit Pop theme into the Mixtape Memories segment.

flesh for lulu - subterraneans
flesh for lulu - baby hurricane
supergrass - lose it
gulf - out here
black sonic revolver - bring yourself down for me
telegram - needles in the camel's eye
loom - hate
kagoule - glue
sarah cracknell - take the silver
summer camp - drive past my house (live at the victoria in june 2015)
spector - kyoto garden
pins - dazed by you
pins - if only
stephen hero (patrick fitzgerald) - golden feat tanya donelly
django django - slow west
hatcham social - bucket of blood
the rolling stones - moonlight mile
-----northern soul spotlight
gloria edwards - my love keeps getting stronger
just brothers - sliced tomatos
gia mateo - if you can't say anything nice
tyrone davis - turn back the hands of time
charlie rich - love is after me
-----lp session - gengahr " a dream outside"
gengahr - dizzy ghosts
gengahr - where i lie
gengahr - fill my gums with blood
gengahr - lonely as a shark
blanck mass - atrophies
white noise sound - can't you see it?
sewer rats - skint
table scraps - space invader
table scraps - vampyre's bite
-----mixtape memories
my life story - sparkle
bennet - mum's gone to iceland
lightning seeds - ready or not
gene - olympian
mansun - wide open space
ash - free
ash - dispatch
keroscene - regret
the maccabees - something like happiness
dot dash - rainclouds
the selecter - breakdown


Sunday, June 7, 2015

Free download of Hidden Charms "It's Time"

Promised to include this in the show posting from yesterday. Download for free while you can. Follow them where you can.

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Saturday, June 6, 2015

Shake A Tail Feather! Show tracks for Sat. June 6/15

temples - ankh
teenage fanclub - neil jung
girls names - reticence
the vaccines - 20/20 re-imagined
sundara karma - flame
the earlies - abandon
formation - hangin
fehm - eyes full
autobahn - immaterial man
outfit - on the water on the way
telegram - aeons
young romance - never learn
black doldrums - dreamcatcher
kid wave - baby tiger
kid wave - freeride
the spook school - burn masculinity
demob happy - young & numb
-----northern soul spotlight
james & bobby purify - shake a tail feather
robert knight - love on a mountain top
barbara acklin - am i the same girl
laura greene - moonlight, music & you
judy street - what
-----lp session - franz ferdinand & sparks "ffs"
ffs - dictator's son
ffs - so desu ne
ffs - the man without a tan
ffs - the power couple
paul smith & the imitations - coney island (4th of july)
lone wolf - crimes
the fratellis - me and the devil
british sea power feat ecstasy of st. theresa - a lovely day tomorrow
postcards from jeff - suburban girl
-----mixtape memories
the futureheads - park inn
wire - kidney bingos
human league - almost medieval
scritti politti - skank bloc bologna
essential logic - aerosol burns
the jacques - artful dodger
du blonde - hunter
coquin migale - socotra
chorusgirl - dream on, baby blue
hidden charms - it's time
evans the death - sledgehammer
the jackals - ghost soul traffic
bryan ferry - lost