Saturday, November 22, 2014

Love Is A Chain Store! Show tracks for Sat. Nov. 22/14

The return of Ride and S*M*A*S*H but in very different ways. Ride announcing a reunion tour with stops in Toronto and New York in early June. Let's hope for a more expansive US/Canada tour a little later in the year. S*M*A*S*H releasing a new EP "Without Regret", their first new material in a few years as far as I can tell. See below.
Also, another themed Mixtape Memories as we delve into the 4AD back catalogue. I do love Sloppy Heart!
*PROGRAM NOTE* Next week's show will be one hour shorter due to a Lancer Sports broadcast. So next week we start at 10PM and will forgo the Northern Soul spotlight and Mixtape Memories segments for one week. They will return Dec. 6th as return to our 9PM start time.

belle & sebastian - the party line
little boots - taste it
ride - drive blind
jim valentine - hello
dark horses - wake up
coves - wake up
esper scout - belay
manhattan love suicides - drag
menace beach - come on give up
trampolene - i don't know
wulf - fire
swerve - relator
s*m*a*s*h - carpet burns
the isabelles - she's in pictures
the abjects - junk
desperate journalist - control
lucky t jackson - this particular girl
-----northern soul spotlight
the crow - your autumn of tomorrow
eddie parker - i'm gone
the tomangoes - i really love you
marvin gaye - this love starved heart of mine (is killing me)
the salvadores - stick by me baby
-----lp session - johnny aries "unbloomed"
johnny aries - we were just boys and girls
johnny aries - i'm a dreamer
johnny aries - great expectations
two wounded birds - if only we remain
the smiths - i know it's over
johnny marr - little king
bryan ferry - soldier of fortune
david bowie - wild is the wind (2010 harry maslin mix)
spandau ballet - highly strung
-----mixtape memories
cocteau twins - pearly dewdrops' drops
modern english - gathering dust
spirea x - chlorine dream
frazier chorus - sloppy heart
ultra vivid scene - mercy seat
tricky - does it feat francesca belmonte
famy - ava
the lightshines - all on my own
the sundowners - into the light
as elephants are - crown


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