Saturday, June 21, 2014

Hippy Dippy Pharmaceutically Trippy! Show tracks for Sat. June 21/14

paul haig - hippy dippy pharmaceutically trippy
franz ferdinand - stand on the horizon (tom furse extrapolation)
alt j ∆ - hunger of the pine
hyde & beast - keep moving
the bohicas - crush me
aztecs - ice cream
the amazing snakeheads - nighttime
band of holy joy - when a gift is a curse
sinead o'connor - take me to church
big deal - always boys
slow club - suffering you, suffering me
manic street preachers - walk me to the bridge
kasabian - eez-eh
the courteeners - summer
suede - black or blue
the field mice - sensitive
the orchids - something for the longing
another sunny day - you should all be murdered
-----border cities northern soul spotlight
the carolines - can't stop loving the boy
carl spencer - cover girl
wayne anthony - you ain't wrapped too tight
the flirtations - change my darkness into light
kenny ballard & the fabulous soul brothers - i'm losing you
-----lp session - klaxons "love frequency"
klaxons - nvisible forces
klaxons - rhythm of life
klaxons - the dreamers
massive attack - man next door
alexis taylor - elvis has left the building
superfood - right on satellite
happyness - great minds think alike, all brains taste the same
life - take off with you
the mispers - dark bits
blessa - island minding
-----mixtape memories
stone roses - this is the one
james - born of frustration
the waterboys - savage earth heart
roxy music - mother of pearl
formes - the power of now part 1
princess - neverlook

This is the one!

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