Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Monthly Indiessential chart for September 2015

The Best Of The British Indie/Alternative Scene

1. URTH (LP) ... Kagoule (Earache Records)
2. ANTHEMS FOR DOOMED YOUTH (LP) ... The Libertines (Virgin)
3. WHAT WENT DOWN (LP) ... Foals (Warner)
4. WASTING AWAY AND WONDERING (LP) ... The School (Elefant)
5. BLUSH ... White (RCA)
6. DISSEMBLE (LP) ... Autobahn (Tough Love Records)
7. THE MAKING OF (LP) ... The Bohicas (Domino)
8. SLEEP ... Night Flowers (Dirty Bingo Records)
9. MOTHERS (LP) ... Swim Deep (RCA)
10. MUSIC COMPLETE (LP) ... New Order (Mute)
11. OH, TO BE A DEFECTOR ... Chorusgirl (Chorusgirl)
12. THE ROAD ... The Big Moon (Handsome Dad Records)
13. FALSE ADVERTISING (LP) ... False Advertising (False Advertising)
14. NATIONAL PLASTICS ... Pretty Vicious (Virgin)
15. HAUNTED (LP) ... The Underground Youth (Fuzz Club)
16. HEY SAMURAI! (LP) ... Northern Uproar (Northern Uproar)
17. ECLIPSE (LP) ... Paris Angels (Paris Angels)
18. WHAT THE WORLD NEEDS NOW... (LP) ... Public Image Limited (PiL Official)
19. HIGHEST POINT IN CLIFF TOWN (LP) ... Hooton Tennis Club (Heavenly)
20. SPLIT EP ... Seconds (Soft Power)

Compiled from playlists, listener requests and dj input for September 2015

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Wired For Sound! Show tracks for Sat. Sept. 26/15

tears for fears - change (extended)
night flowers - sitting pretty
suede - outsiders
mansun - take it easy chicken
shed seven - wired for sound
northern uproar - 24 hours/24 days
northern uproar - everlasting rain
cheatahs - signs to lorelei
jaws - what we haven't got yet
cocteau twins - fotzepolitic
maccabees - spit it out
stars - long hot summer (style council cover)
pumarosa - priestess
girls names - i was you
-----northern soul spotlight
the exciters - blowing up my mind
don ray - born a loser
peggy march - if you loved me
jack montgomery - dearly beloved
billy thompson - black-eyed girl
-----lp session - editors "in dream"
editors - ocean of night
editors - the law feat rachel goswell
editors - at all costs
tindersticks - we are dreamers! feat jehnny beth
zurich - chemical
the fall - bombast
new order - singularity
new order - nothing but a fool
hatcham social - find a way to let in your sins (hit a red cut a right)
sundara karma - vivienne
tom furse - run to me pt 3
paris angels - release
paris angels - tough
black sonic revolver - callin' my name
spc eco - smile
post war glamour girls - cannonball villages
richard hawley - the world looks down


Saturday, September 19, 2015

Purifying Tones! Show tracks for Sat. Sept. 19/15

Nice week! A couple great record buying trips. One here in Windsor, the other in Detroit and some online orders came in too. Why does buying music make me feel so happy? A sample of all of my purchases are here tonight.
Don't forget to scroll all the way to the bottom for 2 free download links to new tracks. And of course, the link to download the show!

the big moon - the road
white - blush
new order - plastic
autobahn - society
spector - west end
duran duran - you kill me with silence
sexwitch - ha howa ha howa
p.i.l. - know now
akabu - akabu theme
kiko bun - sometimes
traams - silver lining
demob happy - junk dna
tc lethbridge - shoemaker - levy 9
flesh - dead lonely
circa waves - stuck in my teeth
the cribs - wish i knew you in the 90s
sisteray - take it or leave it
hooton tennis club - i'm not going rose's again
-----lp session - swim deep "mothers"
swim deep - green conduit
swim deep - forever spaceman
swim deep - lanaikea
splashh - pure blue
sulk - black infinity (upside down)
the vryll society - air
black market karma - jokerjam
black honey - corrine
the primitives - purifying tone (reworked by modular)
secret shine - temporal
british sea power - carrion
engineers - it rings so true
the fiction aisle - blue
primitive parts - eyes
primitive parts - open heads
the loft - up the hill and down the slope
seconds - rest
stereophonics - white lies
joe strummer & the mescaleros - techno d-day


Saturday, September 12, 2015

Anthems For Doomed Youth! Show tracks for Sat. Sept. 12/15

Welcome back students! We open with The Fall and the official C&I greeting.

the fall - hey! student (peel session)
the bohicas - swarm
the duke spirit - here comes the vapour
wolf alice - baby ain't made of china
summer camp - angela
zurich - alone
swim deep - namaste
kagoule - glue
surge - i don't know what you think about love
false advertising - i don't know
false advertising - cold shoulder
allusondrugs - magic college
blur - the universal
david bowie - scary monsters (and super creeps)
foals - snake oil
british sea power - heavenly waters
british sea power - waving flags
-----northern soul spotlight
the van dykes - save my love for a rainy day
sharon scott - it's better
the seven souls - i still love you
shane martin - i need you
-----lp session - the libertines "anthems for doomed youth"
the libertines - barbarians
the libertines - you're my waterloo
the libertines - belly of the beast
the libertines - fury of chonburi
public image limited - c'est la vie
kite base - dadum
pretty vicious - national plastics
crybaby special - one winged bird
trampolene - concept lover
starsailor - give up the ghost
ride - ox4
the underground youth - dreaming with maya deren
the underground youth - drown in me
the maccabees - something like happiness (steve mason remix)
chorusgirl - oh, to be a defector
the school - every day
the death of pop - gardens
holy motors - heavy flow
seconds - crawl space
the flyte - please eloise


Saturday, September 5, 2015

Wasting Away And Wondering! Show tracks for Sat. Sept. 5/15

Back to grind after two weeks of special programming. So there is loads of new material to get through. Including 4 amazing LPs from Kagoule, Autobahn, The Bohicas & The School in the LP Session. Not to mention enough new tracks to fill 3 shows. So tonight's unofficial theme "Less Talk-More Rawk"!

We open with a tribute to Rico Rodriguez, a legendary Ska horn player, most recognizable as being in The Specials, and so much more in his long illustrious career!

the specials - man at c&a (r.i.p. rico rodriguez)
mcalmont & butler - yes
menace beach - ghoul power
blossoms - blown rose
cheatahs - seven sisters
false advertising - dozer
kagoule - adjust the way
kagoule - open mouth
escapists - what are you waiting for
liu bei - mind over matter
affairs - brothers
whyte horses - the snowfalls
dave mccabe & the ramifications - church of miami
department m - long way into your heart
sexwitch - helelyos
autobahn - missing in action
autobahn - impressionist
-----northern soul spotlight
gerri grainger - i go to pieces (everytime)
willie kendrick - change your ways
the metros - since i found my baby
the ivories - please stay
morris chestnut - too darn soulful
-----lp session - the school "wasting away and wondering"
the school - love is anywhere you find it
the school - don't worry baby (i don't love you anyway)
the school - my heart's bleeding overtime
the school - he's gonna break your heart one day
white - blush
sahara - ask me again
girl friend - electric blue
the kills - dna [request for clara]
ménage à trois - be right back
the libertines - glasgow coma scale blues
the strypes - lover's leave
spring king - city
pretty vicious - it's always there
the bohicas - i do it for your love
the bohicas - red raw
the big moon - the road
love l.u.v. - sold my love
swervedriver - winter depths
shopping - straight lines
juice - acid kids
foals - london thunder
reverend & the makers - makin' babies
flesh - w8 4 me


Thursday, September 3, 2015

Monthly Indiessential chart for August 2015

The Best Of The British Indie/Alternative Scene

1. MARKS TO PROVE IT (LP) ... The Maccabees (Fiction)
2. GREEN LANES (LP) ... Ultimate Painting (Trouble In Mind Records)
3. SUCCULENT THUNDER ANTHEM ... Traams (FatCat Records)
4. ODE TO ANTHONY H. WILSON ... Mike Garry & Joe Budden (Skinny Dog Records)
5. LONG ROAD (LP) ... Milltown Brothers (Stanley Records)
6. A DISGRACE TO MODERN SCIENCE ... Apologies (Apologies)
7. HIDDEN FIELDS (LP) ... The Telescopes (Tapete Records)
8. FEEL EP ... Coquin Migale (End Of The Trail Records)
9. NOT GNA ... Flesh (RIP Records)
10. HEAVENLY ... Pale Waves (Pale Waves)
11. CHILD OF A SHOOTING STAR ... Tom Furse (Lo Recordings)
12. DULL IS THE NEW INTERESTING (LP) ... I, Ludicrous (Old King Lud)
13. THE GENIUS OF THE CROWD EP ... Piano Wire (Something In Construction/Demand)
14. CARPET FLOORS ... The Jesuits (The Jesuits)
15. WAITING FOR NOTHING EP ... Elefantasy (Elefantasy)
16. BLACK WIDOW ... Reverend & The Makers (Cooking Vinyl)
17. I'M NOT YOURS ... Pure Youth (Pure Youth)
18. LIGHTS ... Hurts (Columbia)
19. ETCH AND ETCH DEEP (LP) ... Haiku Salut (How Does It Feel To Be Loved)
20. BG092 ... Oh Well, Goodbye (Bleeding Gold Records)

Compiled from playlists, listener requests and dj input for August 2015