Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Show tracks for Sat. Dec. 26/09 The 2009 Festive 50 Pt.1 #50-#26

1 holiday down 1 to go...lol
Part 1 of the Festive 50 down and 1 to go.
The annual Festive 50 counts down the best artists/bands of the British Indie/Alternative scene for the past year.

We open Part 1 of the 2009 Festive 50 shows with a tribute to a couple of British rock icons who we have lost in Decembers passed.
We closed the show with some of the better Canadian bands that have been played on the show trough the year. We'll close next weeks show with the best Canadian bands played on the show this year.
Tune in nest week for the final part of the countdown and see who is #1 for 2009!
Here is The 2009 Festive 50 Part 1;

the clash - remote control
john lennon - working class hero (acoustic)
#50 rose elinor dougall - start/stop/synchro
#49 the rifles - the great escape
#48 madness - sugar and spice
#47 wild beasts - hooting and howling
#46 codeine velvet club - vanity kills
#45 lord cut glass - look after your wife
#44 we were promised jetpacks - quiet little voices
#43 noah & the whale - blue skies
#42 lady sovereign - so human
#41 jarvis cocker - girls like it to
#40 boxer rebellion - semi automatic
#39 new rhodes - the joys of finding and losing that girl
#38 hatcham social - give me the gift
#37 maps - papercuts
#36 engineers - three fact fader
#35 cherbourg - man
#34 the rumble strips - london
#33 polly scattergood - other too endless
#32 idlewild - readers & writers
#31 delphic - counterpoint
#30 reverend & the makers - professor pickles
#29 cinematics - lips taste like tears
#28 art brut - dc comics & chocolate milkshake
#27 pete doherty - a little death around the eyes
#26 the maccabees - empty vessels w/roots manuva
the ghost is dancing - battles on
reverie sound revue - we are the opposite of thieves
jets overhead - no nations
pony up - power of 8
the job - soon

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Monthly Indiessential Chart for December 2009

The Best Of The British Indie/Alternative Scene

1. THE BLIZZARD Camera Obscura (4AD)

2. EMPTY VESSELS Maccabees w/ Roots Manuva (Polydor)

3. CRIME OF LOVE (LP) Comanechi (Merock)

4. STRUCK DUMB Futureheads (Nul/clashmusic.com)

5. HUNGER / FRAGILE Frankie & The Heartstrings (Rough Trade)

6. JACKIE IS IT MY BIRTHDAY? The Wolfmen (Howl)

7. FRAUHAUS! (LP) Wetdog (Angular)

8. 2POINT1 The Draymin (11:31 Records)

9. QUANDO, QUANDO, QUANDO New Rhodes (Salty Cat)

10. WALK ON Young Rebel Set (Our Broadcast)

11. HARVEST TIME (LP) Joe Goddard (Greco Roman)

12. LOCKED OUT FROM THE INSIDE (LP) Nine Black Alps (Nine Black Alps)

13. HOLLYWOOD / I AM THE RESURRECTION Codeine Velvet Club (Uni/Island)


15. MISFITS Lunar Youth (Young And Lost)

16. 21st CENTURY MAN / ACHTUNG MUTHA Luke Haines (Fantastic Plastic)

17. FALLEN OVER Rose Elinor Dougall (Elefant)

18. LIQUID MERCURY Wild Swans (Occultation)

19. ARCANE New Education (Kids)

20. LIGHTS OUT ZOLTAR! (LP) Gemma Ray (Bronzerat)

Compiled from playlists, listener requests and dj input for December 2009

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

My personal year end picks (in case you care...lol)

My Top Albums & Singles For 2009!
These are my personal picks, not to be confused with the shows Festive 50.
Feel free to leave me yours, I'd love to see them.


40. Jarvis Cocker - "Further Complications" (Rough Trade)
39. Lord Cut Glass - "Lord Cut Glass" (Chemikal Underground)
38. Girls - "Album" (True Panther)
37. The View - "Which Bitch" (1965)
36. The Nightjars - "Album" (NJR)
35. The Phantom Band - "Checkmate Savage" (Chemikal Underground)
34. Lady Sovereign - "Jigsaw" (Midget)
33. Rumble Strips - "Welcome To The Walk Alone" (Island)
32. New Rhodes - "Everybody Loves A Scene" (Salty Cat)
31. Engineers - "Three Fact Fader" (K Scope)
30. Idlewild - "Post Electric Blues" (Cooking Vinyl)
29. Metric - "Fantasies" (Last Gang/Art & Crafts)
28. Editors - "In This Light And On This Evening" (Kitchenware)
27. Boxer Rebellion - "Union" (Inertia)
26. Screaming Lights - "Like Angels" (Anti-)
25. Madness - "The Liberty Of Norton Folgate" (Lucky Seven/Yep Roc)
24. Maccabees - "Wall Of Arms" (Fiction)
23. La Roux - "La Roux" (Polydor)
22. White Lies - "To Lose My Life" (Fiction)
21. Grammatics - "Grammatics" (Dance To The Radio)
20. Little Boots - "Hands" (679)
19. The XX - "XX" (Young Turks)
18. Doves - "Kingdom Of Rust" (Heavenly)
17. Florence & The Machine - "Lungs" (Island)
16. Bat For Lashes - "Two Suns" (Parlophone)
15. Manic Street Preachers - "Journal For Plague Lovers" (Columbia)
14. Polly Scattergood - "Polly Scattergood" (Mute)
13. Kasabian - "West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum" (RCA/Columbia)
12. Lily Allen - "It's Not Me, It's You" (Regal/EMI)
11. The Cribs - "Ignore The Ignorant" (Wichita/Warner)
10. Kyte - "Science For The Living" (Rallye)
09. Amazing Baby - "Rewild" (Shangri-la/Cooperative)
08. Maximo Park - "Quicken The Heart" (Warp)
07. Arctic Monkeys - "Humbug" (Domino)
06. The Big Pink - "A Brief History Of Love" (4AD)
05. The Horrors - "Primary Colours" (XL)
04. The Joy Formidable - "A Balloon Called Moaning" (Pure Groove)
03. Jamie T - "Kings & Queens" (Virgin)
02. Camera Obscura - "My Maudlin Career" (4AD)
01. Hatcham Social - "You Dig The Tunnel, I'll Hide The Soil" (TBD/Fierce Panda)


30. "Renee Loves Losers" - LR Rockets (Ctl-Alt-Del)
29. "Swim Until You Can’t See Land" - Frightened Rabbit (Fat Cat)
28. "Running Away" - Goldhawks (Mercury)
27. "Cliffer" - The Answering Machine (Heist Or Hit)
26. "Your Body Is A Machine" - The Good Natured (TGN)
25. "Locarno" - Flashguns (Blue Flowers)
24. "Start/Stop/Synchro" - Rose Elinor Dougall (Elefant)
23. "Hunger/Fragile" - Frankie & The Heartstrings (Rough Trade)
22. "Obsessions" - Marina & The Diamonds (679 Recordings)
21. "Sorry" - Life In Film (Clip Club)
20. "Surf Solar" - Fuck Buttons (ATP)
19. "Into The Dark EP" - Cherbourg (Rough Trade)
18. "Quiet Little Voices" - We Were Promised Jetpacks (Fat Cat)
17. "Alcoholics Unanimous" - Art Brut (Cooking Vinyl)
16. "Cornerstone EP" - Arctic Monkeys (Domino)
15. "Hollywood/I Am The Resurrection" - Codeine Velvet Club (UNI/Island)
14. "Whole New Way" - The Horrors (XL)
13. "If I Was" - Young Rebel Set (Ignition)
12. "Sweet Disposition" - Temper Trap (Infectious)
11. "Bonkers" - Dizzee Rascal & Armand Van Helden (Dirtee Stank)
10. "Counterpoint" - Delphic (R&S)
09. "Pearl's Dream" - Bat For Lashes (Parlophone)
08. "That Golden Rule" - Biffy Clyro (14th Floor Records)
07. "Rivals" - Theoretical Girl (Memphis Industries)
06. "Other Too Endless" - Polly Scattergood (Mute)
05. "So Human" - Lady Sovereign (Midget/EMI)
04. "Glow/GMN" - Screaming Lights (Anti-)
03. "Cradle" - The Joy Formidable (Try Harder)
02. "Dominos" - The Big Pink (4AD)
01. "No Kind Words & Empty Vessels w/Roots Manuva" - Maccabees (Fiction)

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Rewind! show tracks for Sat. Dec. 19/09

Another Rewind! in the books. Hope you enjoyed the musical selections. Congrats to Christian from Ferndale, MI and Tracey from Windsor on winning the cd prize packs. Your cds will be in the mail asap.
The 2009 Festive 50 begins next week at 9:30 pm so don't miss any of the top acts in the British Indie & alternative scene for 2009. Next week we reveal #50-#26.

band aid - do they know it's christmas?
tom jones & cerys matthews - baby, it's cold outside
endgames - first, last, for everything
world of twist - she's a rainbow
stereolab - get carter
mean red spiders - compromise
hurrah! - sweet sanity
field mice - sensitive
jona lewie - stop the cavalry
the delays - long time coming
the pretty things - she's fine, she's mine
the libertines - time for heroes
39 steps - slip into the crowd
orange juice - felicity
sub sub - spaceface
wire - ex-lion tamer
whipping boy - we don't need nobody else
the weekenders - inelegantly wasted in papa's penthouse pad in belgravia
lord sutch and heavy friends - union jack car
new model army - 51st state
24 gone - girl of colours
duran duran - the chauffeur
----30th anniversary album spotlight
the clash - spanish bombs
the clash - guns of brixton
madness - night boat to cairo
madness - bed and breakfast man (peel session)
shed seven - she left me on friday
cub - nicolas bragg
x-ray spex - identity
rialto - monday morning 5:19
cocteau twins - the spangle maker
trans x - living on video
japan - the quiet life

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Show tracks for Sat. Dec. 12/09

Cowboys & Indies Rewind! returns for it's second episode this coming Saturday night. Tune in for the best of Cowboys & Indies from yesteryear and its influences. Their will be cd giveaways as well. Just in time for a late Christmas gift. Remember this blog you'll need it to answer the very easy question to win free cds.

So much new music and so little time. Jeesh, December was supposed to be easy. Just wind down to the big Festive 50 year end countdown. Not this year, everybody and their brother are releasing sneak peaks at their 2010 releases. Good for us!

laura marling - goodbye england (covered in snow)
mumford & sons - winter winds
the courteeners - cross my heart & hope to fly
new education - arcane
frankie & the heartstrings - fragile
goldhawks - running away
new young pony club - lost a girl
portishead - chase a tear
the maccabees w/ roots manuva - empty vessels
polly scattergood - bunny club (the chatterley's single mix)
elspeth - old age
delphic - doubt (demo)
the high wire - odds & evens
glasvegas - silent night/noapte de vis
camera obscura - the blizzard
the heavy - how you like me now?
the noisettes - beat of my heart
islands - vapours
little girls - thrills
lp session comanechi "crime of love"
comanechi - rabbit hole
comanechi - crime of love
comanechi - close enough to kiss
comanechi - why?
comanechi - lunatic
chapel club - all the eastern girls
lunar youth - venus in blue jeans
codeine velvet club - i am the resurrection
silver columns - brow beaten
crystal fighters - i love london
ou est le swimming pool - dance the way i feel
grammatics - double negative
new rhodes - quando, quando, quando
swanton bombs - new york city cops
the wolfmen - jackie is it my birthday?
tegan & sara - red belt

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Show tracks for Sat. Dec. 5/09

The new sneak previews of big albums in 2010 keep coming. New tracks from These New Puritans, Hot Chip and Late Of The Pier. So much music, so little time!
Only one regular episode left until the big holiday shows. First up is Rewind! and then the Festive 50 countdown shows. It will be 2010 before you can sneeze.

the clientele - i know i will see your face
noah & the whale - slow glass
young rebel set - walk on
the holloways - little johnny went to parliament
the cribs - we were aborted
the wolfmen - coca cola kid
saint etienne - jackie collins existential question time
manic street preachers - jackie collins existential question time
the automatic - interstate
we are the ocean - look alone
the job - gun
these new puritans - we want war
groove armada - warsaw
late of the pier - blueberry
hot chip - one life stand
the draymin - you bring the fire
silver columns - brow beaten
dragonette - by sunglasses
comanechi - mesmerising fingers
race horses - man in my head
los campesinos! - these are listed buildings
joe lean & the jing jang jong - one woman
lp session wetdog "frauhaus!"
wetdog - tidy up your bedroom
wetdog - that man delivers papers
wetdog - night comes down
wetdog - fist face
frankie & the heartstrings - possibilities
long blondes - christmas is cancelled
glasvegas - a snowflake fell (and it felt like a kiss)
sonic avenues - radiation
city of glass - an interest in architecture
biffy clyro - born on a horse
nine black alps - every photograph steals your soul
githead - before tomorrow
rose elinor dougall - fallen over
bon bon club - sex is on fire
gemma ray - tough love
savior adore - take hollow lane