Saturday, December 5, 2015

Succomb To The Beat Surrender! Show tracks for Sat. Dec. 5/15

OK it's been decided. The Festive 50 will return to it's two week broadcast. December 26th show will feature Christmas and Holiday songs for the first half of the show. The second half of the show we will start the 2015 Festive 50 countdown. Finishing the countdown on January 2nd. It will most likely be 10-15 on the first Saturday and the final 35-40 on the second Saturday. I think it's important to play all the artists who are in the countdown. Mark your calendars!

eagles of death metal - save a prayer (duran duran cover)
savages - i love you all the time (eagles of death metal cover)
suede - like kids
bloc party - the good news
keroscene - regret
yak - no
oh wonder - without you
oh wonder - all we do
the coral - put the sun back
the vryll society - metropolis
stealing sheep - love
sundowners - into the light
django django - beginning to fade
nzca lines - two hearts
arthur beatrice - who returned?
permanent wave - sister midnight
the associates - even dogs in the wild
this is the bridge - it's all gone
-----northern soul spotlight
the spellbinders - help me (get myself back together again)
bill bush - i'm waiting
the vibrations - gonna get along without you now
fred hughes - baby boy
-----lp session - vapour night "snow fled"
vapour night - godless
vapour night - ancient youth
vapour night - house of water
the who - la-la-la lies
the jam - beat surrender
the milk - don't give up the night
tibet - in my head
the flatmates - when you were mine (prince cover)
mystery jets - telomere
james - to my surprise
sweat - be complete
childcare - omega grey
lanterns on the lake - of dust & matter
lanterns on the lake - the crawl
embers - the bitten tongue
lull - cursed
whyte horses - natural mistakes
psyence - you & i
tiny giant - seeing everything as though it is real
glass host - late nights

Download the show here!

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