Sunday, August 2, 2015

Everybody's Goin' To The Love-in! Show tracks for Sat. Aug. 1/15

Stay tuned for info on the 25th anniversary show. It's just a few weeks away.

swim deep - grand affection
the school - do I love you?
elbow - lost worker bee
grass house - unknown in the scene
milltown brothers - portrait
milltown brothers - hideaway
new order - restless
flesh - not gna
palma violets - girl, you couldn't do much better on the beach
the libertines - gunga din
elefantasy - sex tricks
the vaccines - denial
loop - coma
blindness - sunday morning
kobadelta - ithaca
the watchmakers - kiss the sun
-----northern soul spotlight
stanley mitchell - get it baby
bob brady & the con chords - everybodys goin' to the love-in
walter jackson - let me come back
beverly ann - he's comng home
the metros - i'll never forget you
-----lp session - maccabees "marks to prove it"
the maccabees - ribbon road
the maccabees - spit it out
the maccabees - slow sun
culture club - take control
haiku salut - bleak and beautiful (all things)
damon albarn - hollow ponds
dios mio - treehouse
pale waves - heavenly
haus - haze
department m - bleak technique
night games - nine days
siouxsie & the banshees - tenant
siouxsie & the banshees - red light
editors - fingers in the factories
i, ludicrous - three english football grounds
i, ludicrous - george jenkins
alternative tv - ramblings of a madman
apologies - a disgrace to modern science
piano wire - i'll kill you


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