Saturday, June 27, 2015

Home Is Where The Heart Is! Show tracks for Sat. June 27/15

Decisions, decisions!
Go see Ride on Oct. 1 in Detroit?
Go see Chameleons Vox Oct. 1 in Detroit?
I already have tickets to Ride (no pun intended) but do I skip to see The Chameleons?
Tough one! What say you?

the chameleons - home is where the heart is
the lucid dream - cold killer
paul weller - phoenix
hyde & beast - hard times good times
frank turner - the next storm
the carraways - orange juice dreams
saint raymond - don't fail me now
holy esque - fade
it hugs back - endless drive
it hugs back - everything's ok
pins - got it bad
wolf alice - silk
prinzhorn dance school - education
boxed in - false alarm
la priest - lady in trouble with the law
little boots - no pressure
-----northern soul spotlight
sue lynne - don't pity me
robert knight - branded
the persuaders - i'm so glad i got you
beverly ann - you've got your mind on other things
-----lp session - everything everything "get to heaven"
everything everything - get to heaven
everything everything - the wheel (is turning now)
everything everything - no reptiles
ffs - johnny delusional
the vryll society - deep blue skies
black honey - spinning wheel
venice trip - look forward
california carpool - lucid dreamin'
deux furieuses - are we sexy enough?
-----mixtape memories
peter murphy - all night long
duran duran - hold back the rain
kate bush - kite
general public - cheque in the post
the specials - man at c&a
the jacques - down and out in london and tokyo
hidden charms - dreaming of another girl
beach baby - u r
mourning birds - the last thing (i need)
housewives - new dance
velvet morning - blue jean baby
ash - bring back the summer


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