Saturday, September 5, 2015

Wasting Away And Wondering! Show tracks for Sat. Sept. 5/15

Back to grind after two weeks of special programming. So there is loads of new material to get through. Including 4 amazing LPs from Kagoule, Autobahn, The Bohicas & The School in the LP Session. Not to mention enough new tracks to fill 3 shows. So tonight's unofficial theme "Less Talk-More Rawk"!

We open with a tribute to Rico Rodriguez, a legendary Ska horn player, most recognizable as being in The Specials, and so much more in his long illustrious career!

the specials - man at c&a (r.i.p. rico rodriguez)
mcalmont & butler - yes
menace beach - ghoul power
blossoms - blown rose
cheatahs - seven sisters
false advertising - dozer
kagoule - adjust the way
kagoule - open mouth
escapists - what are you waiting for
liu bei - mind over matter
affairs - brothers
whyte horses - the snowfalls
dave mccabe & the ramifications - church of miami
department m - long way into your heart
sexwitch - helelyos
autobahn - missing in action
autobahn - impressionist
-----northern soul spotlight
gerri grainger - i go to pieces (everytime)
willie kendrick - change your ways
the metros - since i found my baby
the ivories - please stay
morris chestnut - too darn soulful
-----lp session - the school "wasting away and wondering"
the school - love is anywhere you find it
the school - don't worry baby (i don't love you anyway)
the school - my heart's bleeding overtime
the school - he's gonna break your heart one day
white - blush
sahara - ask me again
girl friend - electric blue
the kills - dna [request for clara]
ménage à trois - be right back
the libertines - glasgow coma scale blues
the strypes - lover's leave
spring king - city
pretty vicious - it's always there
the bohicas - i do it for your love
the bohicas - red raw
the big moon - the road
love l.u.v. - sold my love
swervedriver - winter depths
shopping - straight lines
juice - acid kids
foals - london thunder
reverend & the makers - makin' babies
flesh - w8 4 me


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