Saturday, August 15, 2015

The Genius Of The Crowd! Show tracks for Sat. Aug. 15/15

Since this last Monday was the anniversary of Tony Wilson's death we open with the brilliant new tribute single.
We extend the tribute to the Mixtape segment as well featuring tracks from Factory Records in honour of it's founder.

Programming note; next week Cowboy & Indies will have a special guest host as it takes part of CJAM's Radio Brain Drain week long history of punk celebration.
We'll return on the 29th for the 25th anniversary show. Hope you'll join us!

mike garry & joe duddell - st anthony (ode to anthony h wilson)
stockholm monsters - partyline (12" version)
editors - life is a fear
stereolab - ping pong
chvrches - never ending circles
x-o-dus - english black boys
the selecter - see them a come
rhoda dakar - let's do rocksteady
tom furse - trans-universal express
the moonlandingz - sweet saturn mine (sean lennon de-mix)
drones club - cold hand
808 state - cobra bora
lusts - waves
autobahn - society
silver shields - i wonder if you're thinking of me now
ist ist - one to one
chain of flowers - crisis
sahara - rearranging
kagoule - made of concrete
-----lp session - the telescopes "hidden fields"
the telescopes - you know the way
the telescopes - absence
the telescopes - in every sense
allusondrugs - sunset yellow
amatuer best - they know
beach fatigue - drunken grrrls
jesuits - carpet floors
sharptooth - queen of scots
-----mixtape memories
orchestral manoeuvres in the dark - electricity (original version)
cath carroll - england made me
james - hymn from a village
the distractions - time goes by so slow
the names - night shift
the orch - official heat
tony wilson & peter saville interview clip later with jools holland june 2006
piano wire - into the orchid
hey colossus - hop the railings
coquin migale - socotra
kassassin street - radio silence
hurts - lights


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