Saturday, October 3, 2015

Leave Them All Behind! Show tracks for Sat. Oct. 3/15

Ride were amazing at St. Andrew's Hall last Thursday night! Still upset the The Chameleons were the same night and I had to miss them. Probably the last time for them, especially in Detroit. But at least Ride didn't disappoint.
And now Lush join the like of My Bloody Valentine, Slowdive, Swervedriver and Ride and reunite for a show. True it is only 1 show and it is in the UK but that's how all reunion tours start. Attention Lush, Ride, Slowdive did tremendously well in the Motor City so you can come on over too!

ride - paralysed
lush - superblast!
man made - bring some
gengahr - tired eyes
the big moon - nothing without you
sahara - ask me again
shopping - passing through
guy garvey - angela's eyes
noel gallagher's high flying birds - the girl with the x-ray eyes (david holmes rework)
childcare - omega grey
cat bear tree - adult
girls names - desire oscillations
sexwitch - war in peace
visage - seven deadly sins (part two)
human league - the things that dreams are made of (original dub edit)
siouxsie & the banshees - the killing jar
serpent power - lucifer's dream box
-----lp session - demob happy "dream soda"
demob happy - summer cash in
demob happy - summoner
demob happy - underneath your tree
the la's - timeless melody
the clientele - on a summer trail
belle & sebastian - the power of three
the darling buds - let's go round there
baby strange - pleasure city
the jesus & mary chain - april skies
terminal gods - road of the law
hey colossus - hop the railings
hey colossus - memories of wonder
coquin migale - luv
model railway exhibition - diminishing returns
jesuits - dinner jazz
the hoo has - yankee
prom - touch me
beach baby - limousine
desperate journalist - good luck
daughter - doing the right thing


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