Sunday, December 13, 2015

No Songs Tomorrow! Show tracks for Sat. Dec. 12/15

Sorry still having computer router issues so this post will short and sweet. No bells, whistles, videos or music links.
Maybe one day I can rejoin the rest of the free world and have a working router for internet

savages - t.i.w.y.g.
allusondrugs - sunset yellow
pretty vicious - are you ready for me
the crookes - the world is waiting
our girl - level
virgin kids - cracks in a colour
yak - alas salvation
love buzzard - superglue
flowers - pull my arm
telegram - it's not very easy
still corners - horses at night
the hotelles - dreamboat
teleman - fall in line
trash - sad boys (all i wanna do)
the 1975 - ugh!
pure youth - new november
the clash - one more time
the clash - one more dub
half pint - cry cry
half pint - cry cry dub
-----northern soul spotlight
the montclairs - just can't get away
willie kendrick - you can't bypass love
willie hutch - lucky to be loved by you
the vibrations - cause you're mine
-----lp session - the foetals "meet the foetals"
the foetals - i'm down
the foetals - together
the foetals - the world isn't that big
the foetals - move on
terminal gods - movement
vapour night - here and back again
editors - ocean of night
u.v. pop - no songs tomorrow (7" version)
forced random - go get it
saltwater sun - wild
bloom - voices
vwarphf - the black sunshine (behind the lines)
victories at sea - bloom
paul weller - going my way
peter gabriel - family snapshot
ultimate painting - sweet chris
strawberry whiplash - time takes you away
the flatmates - you held my heart
wire - in manchester
sisteray - a wise man said
found - a souvenir for every hope you had


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