Sunday, July 12, 2015

Through Your Hands Love Can Shine! Show tracks for Sat. July 11/15

Tonight the age old questions Do I Love You? and Are You Ready To Be Heartbroken? get answered.
Click on the The School video link to download the track for free.
That coupled with newly released vintage era Strawberry Switchblade recordings made me wonder if
the show actually needed anything else.

johnny marr - candidate
the waterboys - long strange golden road
the school - do i love you?
camera obscura - lloyd, i'm ready to be heartbroken
the proctors - summer begins
the popguns - if you ever change your mind
rose mcdowall - cut with the cake knife
frankie & the heartstrings - decency
frankie & the heartstrings - money
inspiral carpets - you're so good for me
noel gallagher's high flying birds - the right stuff
the winachi tribe - time for love
giorgio tuma & laetitia sadier - through your hands love can shine
the mothmen - does it matter irene? (radio session version)
african head charge - in a trap
-----northern soul spotlight
lou courtney - trying to find my woman
nancy ames - i don't want to talk about it
little richard - a little bit of something (beats a whole lot of nothing)
erma franklin - whispers (getting louder)
gene chandler - mr big shot
-----lp session - little boots "working girl"
little boots - real girl
little boots - help too
little boots - better in the morning
girls names - a hunger artist
kins - cyclical
autobahn - society
the death of pop - still stupid
black sonic revolver - space & time
p.i.l. - double trouble
-----mixtape memories
weather prophets - almost prayed
the loft - up the hill and down the slope
jasmine minks - world's no place
the june brides - every conversation
razorcuts - sad kaleidoscope
saint raymond - fall at your feet
saint raymond - wild heart
menace beach - tennis court
deux fuerises - the party of shaitaan
joanna gruesome - i don't wanna relax
the vryll society - beautiful faces
venice trip - father of the universe


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