Sunday, November 8, 2020

Pocket Melodies! Show tracks for Sat. Nov. 7/20

  • silver sun - golden skin
    silver sun - i'll see you around
    silver sun - you can't kill rock 'n' roll
    rose gray - save your tears
    katie wood - where have you been?
    lauran hibberd - boy bye
    coach party - really ok on my own
    black honey - i like the way you die
    hot chip - straight to the morning (feat. jarvis cocker)
    a certain ratio - yoyogrip (small) feat. jacknife lee & maria uzor
    union of knives - a tall tale feat helen marnie of ladytron
    mogwai - dry fantasy
    b-movie - promenade
    spandau ballet - to cut a long story short
    roxy music - whirlwind
    pulp - something changed
    the clockworks - enough is never enough
    cat sfx - reunite
    generation - suicidal champagne
    famous - nice while it lasted
    -----northern soul spotlight   
    jimmy helms - romeo and juliet
    larry saunders - on the real side
    chocolate syrup - you’ve got a lot to give
    the moments - i dig your act
    -----lp session    - ghostlawns  'motorik'
    ghostlawns - motorik
    ghostlawns - friday sky
    ghostlawns - pen mae'r adar yn canu (heed the birds song)
    bradford - down faced doll
    geneva - fault lines
    malady - london, i love you but you're bringing me down
    yore - open lights (feat. milan monk)
    mint field - contingencia
    philip parfitt - don't wait (until i am dead before you tell me that you love me)
    philip parfitt - john clare
    kaiser chiefs - zombie prom
    buzzard buzzard buzzard - 30,000 megabucks
    mel - cusco
    pregoblin - snakes & oranges
    -----lp session - the moons  'pocket melodies'   
    the moons - today
    the moons - tunnel of time
    the moons - the lone wolf
    88/89 - virginia
    tokky horror - demonoid phenomenon
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