Monday, November 2, 2020

Cowboys & Indies Monthly Indiessential charts 2020 - October Albums

  • The Best Of The British Indie/Alternative Scene

    1. WORKING MEN'S CLUB  (LP)  ...  Working Men’s Club  (Heavenly)
    2. THE VIEW FROM HALFWAY DOWN  (LP)  ...   Andy Bell  (Sonic Cathedral)
    3. AMANITA PANTHERINA  (LP)  ...  Cabbage  (Brassica Records)
    4. IN WAITING  (LP)  ...  Pillow Queens  (Pillow Queens Records)
    5. ACR LOCO  (LP)  ...  A Certain Ratio  (Mute)
    6. GOLDEN REPAIR  (LP)  ...  Sunstack Jones  (Mai 68 Records)
    7. ENCRYPTED CONTEMPORARY NARRATIVES  (LP)  ...  King Of The Slums  (SLR Records)
    8. 91 DAYS IN ISOLATION  (LP)  ...  The Slow Readers Club  (SRC Records)
    9. THE LONG NOW  (LP)  ...  The Luxembourg Signal  (Spinout Nuggets)
    10. WEIRD FEELINGS  (LP)  ...  Magick Mountain  (Magick Mountain Records)
    11. DARK SEA  (LP)  ...  Man Of Moon  (Cosmic Pool)
    12. CULT CASUAL  (LP)  ...  Heavy Salad  (Dipped In Gold Recordings)
    13. GIRLHOOD  (LP)  ...  Girlhood  (Team Talk)
    14. THE HOLLOW OF HUMDRUM  (LP)  ...  Red Rum Club  (Modern Sky)
    15. THIS ROAD  (LP)  ...  Denise Sherwood  (Evergreen Recordings)
    16. FANIMAL ARMS  (LP)  ...  Gad Whip  (Gad Whip Recordings)
    17. EUROPEAN SUN  (LP)  ...  European Sun  (Where Its At Is Where You Are)
    18. RÓISÍN MACHINE  (LP)  ...  Róisín Murphy  (Skint Record Ltd.)
    19. ELEMENTAL  (LP)  ...  Pauline Murray  (Polestar Records/Singing Light Music)
    20. WHERE DOES IT GO  (LP)  ...  Denise Johnson  (Adassa)

    Compiled from playlists, listener requests and dj input for October 2020

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