Sunday, November 8, 2020

CJAM 99.1 FM 2020 Fall Fundraiser

  • It's pledge drive time at CJAM once again, you know pumpkin spice and donations go hand in hand. It's been a tough year on everyone and everything from personal finances, job situations, health concerns as well the financial well being of businesses small and large. It is a particular stress on a campus/community volunteer organization like CJAM, who rely on fundraising as part of its yearly budget in the best of times. I ask that if you support local music, arts, etc. consider a donation to CJAM, whose mission is to bring you music, talk, news from segments of the population ignored by the mainstream.
    Or even if you support my love of British indie/alternative music, which we have been bringing to the masses for over 30 years now, consider supporting our show and a make a pledge now! Not even a pandemic can stop me, the show has been fresh & new every week since the middle of March, recorded from my home studio.
    With the year that 2020 is, the pledge drive is properly social distant. No phone numbers or human contact, it's as simple as a web page and some info (which is totally safe!) and you're done. Check out the CJAM 99.1FM ( webpage for info on this year's pledge incentives.
    Support local volunteer campus/community radio by following this link.  
    Thank you for your support, Marc C.  Cowboys & Indies Radio Show

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