Sunday, September 2, 2018

Music When the Lights Go Out! Show tracks for Sat. Sept. 1/18

the pooh sticks - i know someone who kmows someone who knows alan mcgee quite well
the orchids - what will we do next
our girl - two life
razorlight - japanrock
the kooks - tesco disco
the kooks - initials for gainsburg
the trend - can tanner
gently tender - avez-vous déjà
softer still - turtle bay
dubstar - you were never in love
anteros - call your mother
ladytron - the island
black honey - midnight
yak - white male carnivore
idles - i'm scum
idles - cry to me (solomon burke cover)
blinders - brave new world
orbital - tiny foldable cities
underworld & iggy pop - trapped
pop will eat itself - wise up! sucker
-----lp session - spiritualized "and nothing hurt"
spiritualized - on the sunshine
spiritualized - damaged
spiritualized - the prize
squid - the dial
dead naked hippies - rare
the boo radleys - i hang suspended
jesus & mary chain - nine million rainy days
glasvegas - daddy's gone
the wombats - bee-sting
sea pinks - rockpool blue
blue orchids - get bramah
mull historical society - wakelines
-----lp session - spring king "a better life"
spring king - let's drink
spring king - echo chamber
spring king - have you ever looked up into the sky?
paul weller - i didn't mean to hurt you
the libertines - music when the lights go out
the cure - the catepilar
morningface & slipstream - i don't wanna know


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