Sunday, December 23, 2018

Festive 50 2018 Part 1 #50-#36

It's the holidays so that it means it countdown and year end list time again. Due to holiday obligations, timing and special programming this year is a first for Cowboys & Indies. It's the first year that the whole countdown won't be featured on air during the program. This year part one was a mix featured on our Mixcloud page, Extra Time. Here is the list of the first part of this years countdown and the link to listen. Hope you enjoy it! Listen! Like! Share!

#50 The Kooks - Tesco Disco (Let's Go Sunshine)
#49 Danny Goffey - Buzzkiller (Schtick!)
#48 Let's Eat Grandma - Falling Into Me (I'm All Ears)
#47 Menace Beach - Hypnotiser Keeps The Ball Rolling (Black Rainbow Sound)
#46 Gorillaz - Magic City (The Now Now)
#45 Gruff Rhys - Limited Edition Heart (Babelsberg)
#44 Snapped Ankles - Drink And Glide (Drink And Glide)
#43 The Vaccines - Put It On A T-Shirt (Combat Sports)
#42 Hollie Cook - Stay Alive (Vessel Of Love)
#41 Pale Waves - Noises (My Mind Makes Noises)
#40 Starsha Lee - Uncle Nietzsche (Post-God Metaphysics)
#39 Night Flowers - Night Alive (Wild Notion)
#38 77:78 - Compass Pass (Jellies)
#37 Desperate Journalist - Nothing Happens (You Get Used to It)
#36 The KVB - Afterglow (Only Now Forever)

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