Saturday, July 14, 2018

Music Of A Werewolf! Show tracks for Sat. July 14/18

shame - lampoon (songs of praise)
shopping - my dad's a dancer (the official body)
the orielles - i only bought it for the bottle (silver dollar moment)
accu - did you count your eyes? (echo the red)
black honey - i only hurt the ones i love (black honey)
spring king - us vs them (a better life)
slowcoaches - found down (found down)
towers of london - green eyes (super sounds of k-town)
dose - furniture (furniture/opaque)
pil - fff (compact album)
poptone - lions (poptone)
artificial pleasure - wound up tight (the bitter end)
77:78 - situations (jellies)
mien - odessey (mien)
the fernweh - is this man bothering you? (is this man bothering you?)
vryll society - light at the edge of the world (course of the satellite)
underworld & iggy pop - get your shirt (teatime dub encounters)
the orb - i wish i had a pretty dog (no sounds are out of bounds)
-----northern soul spotlight
the mvp's - turning my heartbeat up
shirley ellis - soul time
bobby hebb - love, love, love
sammy davis jr - you can count on me
yvonne baker - you didn't say a word
-----lp session - lucy & the rats "lucy & the rats"
lucy & the rats - lose my mind (lucy & the rats)
lucy & the rats - night comes (lucy & the rats)
lucy & the rats - hold on me (lucy & the rats)
the clouded lights - borrowed hearts (night of the underdog)
pelts - another place (who could love me now?)
haiku salut - cold to crack the stones (cold to crack the stones)
still corners - black lagoon (slow air)
10 o'clock chemical - dinosaur (it's not the 80s) (favours for the wicked)
the suncharms - tranquil day (the suncharms)
the sound - iron years (thunder up)
klammer - spiral girl (soiral girl)
the cure - young americans (an xfm compilation album)
art trip and the static sound - kerplunk (kerplunk ep)
youth man - i don't know
blue orchids - music of a werewolf (singing a song in prison)
talkboy - mother (mother)
s t f u - vanishing (y u m 1)
s t f u - am i wrong (y u m 1)
the orchards - drama king (losers/lovers)
red light effect - empress (empress)
calva louise - outrageous (outrageous)
let's eat grandma - cool & collected (i'm all ears)

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