Sunday, January 10, 2016

The Song They Play Every Night! Show tracks for Sat. Jan. 9/16

First new show of 2016! All sorts of new music. Plus we pay tribute to a couple of British music icons in their own right.
I've included the link to download the free track from Tibet. They're a great young band, get in on the ground floor.

motörhead - built for speed
the specials - do the dog
david bowie - dollar days
david bowie - i can't give anything away
the vryll society - metropolis
peace and love barbershop muhammad ali (palbma) - mean like a snake
her - this velvet prison
blossoms - at most a kiss
tuff love - crocodile
little green cars - the song they play every night
the kvb - in deep
estrons - make a man
the coral - chasing the tail of a dream
steve mason - planet sizes
new desert blues - milk & honey
this is the kit - magic spell (paris sessions)
stone foundation - beverley
-----northern soul spotlight
the vibrations - cause you're mine
porgy & the monarchs - that girl
otis leavill - love uprising
major lance - you don't want me no more
-----lp session - the anchoress "confessions of a romance novelist"
the anchoress - long year
the anchoress - popular
the anchoress - confessions of a romance novelist
railway children - brighter
tibet - see you out tonight
gold sounds - take it from me
tall poppies - cat got your tongue?
blue house - hot air balloons
savages - adore
black honey - mothership
killing joke - nervous system
pixx - deplore
local enemy - dancing in your high heels
west of the sun - siberian hysteria
affairs - play
the pre new - speed queen
tablets - underground disco of tehran
the orch - ingland strip
public service broadcasting - go!


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