Saturday, January 16, 2016

"Drink, drink, drain your glass, raise your glass high" Show tracks for Sat. Jan. 16/16

From Monday, my FB post after getting home from work...
My musical heart is broken.
I wake up to that startling alarm at 5am, flip on the news and see/hear...WHAT? OMG! Not David, not now. I'm not ready to let him go yet. Thankfully he left us a rich history of music, art, fashion, theater and film for us to enjoy, treasure and remember him by.
RIP David.
david bowie - station to station
white - living fiction
beach baby - sleeperhead
breeze - luna love me good
oscar - sometimes
girl band - texting an alien
suede - pale snow
bloc party - virtue
the last shadow puppets - bad habits
manic street preachers - the masses against the classes
the duke spirit - hands
in isolation - elder statesmen
visage - the damned don't cry
kitchens of distinction - the 3rd time we opened the capsule
japan - suburban berlin
saint etienne - absolute beginners
-----northern soul spotlight
otis clay - i don't know what to do
otis clay - showplace
kenny carter - what's that on your finger?
the glories - i worship you baby
-----lp session - mystery jets "curve of the earth"
mystery jets - bubblegum
mystery jets - blood red balloon
mystery jets - saturnine
travis - 3 miles high
emma pollock - parks and recreation
everything but the girl - i don't want to talk about it
bill ryder-jones - wild roses
simple minds - the man who sold the world
adrian sherwood - space oddity dubmix
david bowie - hallo spaceboy (psb remix) feat pet shop boys
au pairs - repetition
viv albertine - a letter to hermione
daughter - new ways
daughter - mothers
yuck - hearts in motion
the polysonic - unstoppable
david bowie - width of a circle

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