Sunday, August 8, 2010

Show tracks for Sat. Aug. 7/10

Hope you enjoyed the Rewind! presentation last week. Always a blast to do those shows. And speaking of blasts, it was a pleasure to cover for Alex on Earwax. Hope you enjoyed the old skool punk/hardcore. To see the playlist for last weeks Earwax, it is posted at the bottom of last weeks Rewind! playlist.

Sorry for the short notice, but the show was slightly pre-empted due to special Pride Day programming. If you're downloading the show and don't want to hear the special programming, fast forward a half hour until 10pm. Sorry for the short notice.
To make up for the shorter show we played as many of the new releases as we could.

grinderman - heathen child
blood red shoes - heartsink
frank & walters - let it out
the barlights - a good night's sleep
lonely tourist - patron saint procrastinate
edwyn collins - losing sleep
manic street preachers - (it's not war) just the end
o children - dead disco
these ghosts - luna
the aliens - sitting on a toadstool
cosmetics - sleepwalking
still corners - endless summer
suuns - disappearance of the skyscraper
teen daze - four more years
----lp session the soundcarriers "celeste"
the soundcarriers - step outside
the soundcarriers - rolling on
the soundcarriers - there only once
the soundcarriers - signals
foals - alabaster
mystery jets - flash a hungry smile
bombay bicycle club - evening morning
2:54 - on a wire
arcade fire - ready to start
parallels - counterparts
kele - rise
mia - teqkilla

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