Sunday, August 29, 2010

Show tracks for Sat. Aug. 28/10

The brain was certainly not in gear last night. Was having way to many senior moments for not being a Hey you young whipper-snapper where's my old age pills?

tender trap - suddenly
mystery jets - show me the light
klaxons - echoes
the cribs - housewife
the domino state - we must not shut ourselves away
the vaccines - if you wanna
egyptian hip hop - wild human child
does it offend you, yeah! - we are the dead
ou est le swimming pool - jackson's last stand
civil civic - fuck youth
i am arrows - nice try
fyfe dangerfeild - when you walk in the room
land of talk - cloak and cipher
bishop morocco - last year's disco guitars
----lp session everything everything "man alive"
everything everything - qwerty finger
everything everything - suffragette suffragette
everything everything - nasa is on your side
summer camp - round the moon
still corners - don't fall in love
rose elinor dougall - come away with me
laura marling - the needle and damage done (live)
the draymin - we will fall
yuck - daughter
polka party - korean cinema
pull in emergency - everything is the same
young legionnaire - colossus
wolf parade - palm road

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