Sunday, August 1, 2010

Rewind! show tracks for Sat. July 31/10 + Earwax bonus

Long night last night but it didn't feel like it. I also filled in for Alex on Earwax. Got to play a slew of tracks I don't normally get to play on my show. The time flew by. The track listing for that show will follow mine.

blur - bank holiday
sham 69 - if the kids are united
western promise - promised land
ultravox - western promise
morrissey - the ordinary boys
the alarm - where were you hiding when the storm broke?
julian cope - reynard the fox
the supernaturals - i wasn't built to get up
real life - catch me i'm falling
808 state - pacific 202
television personalities - i know where syd barrett lives
syd barrett - octopus
the pastels - truck train tractor
pete shelley - homosapien
house of love - real animal
madness - michael caine
madness - house of fun
plasterscene replicas - we can walk
heavenly - orange corduroy dress
the charlatans - polar bear
spoons - smiling in winter
prescription - selsey green
the specials - too hot
style council - how she threw it all away
nancy boy - johnny chrome & silver
the fizzbombs - sign on the line
chalk circle - this mourning
mansun - she makes my nose bleed
mansun - closed for business
magazine - burst
furniture - brilliant mind
rough trade - fashion victim
kissing the pink - big man restless
spandau ballet - to cut a long story short
lost patrol - comanche

Earwax fill-in
husker du - you're a soldier
mc5 - rocket reducer no. 62
the plasmatics - test tube babies
motorhead - bomber (live)
rocket from the crypt - fat lip
black flag - gimmie gimmie gimmie
the replacements - we're comin out
the clash - what's my name
blondie - rip her to shreds
talking heads - thank you for sending me an angel
patti smith - redondo beach
minutemen - black sheep
charged gbh - no survivors
iron maiden - the trooper
the exploited - mucky pup
descendents - i don't want to grow up
subhumans - oh canaduh
ramones - now i wanna sniff some glue
killing joke - we have joy
the stooges - real cool time
dry heaves - portable
the diodes - behind those eyes
the cramps - garbageman
the slits - spend spend spend
dead 60s - ghostfaced killer
bad brains - big take over
the ordinary boys - little bitch
dead kennedys - let's lynch the landlord
red hot chili peppers - police helicopter
faith no more - a small victory
the dickies - the banana splits (tra la la song)
the didjits - plate in my head
minor threat - salad days
gallows & lethal bizzle - staring at the rude bois
d.o.a. - the prisoner
forgotten rebels - surfin' on heroin
manic street preachers - repeat
feeder - helium
angelic upstarts - police oppression
anit-nowhere league - streets of london
slaughter & the dogs - situations

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