Sunday, April 4, 2010

Show tracks for Sat. Apr. 3/10

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Special show announcement!
Record Store Day is April 17, 2010. So we will present a special edition of Cowboys & Indies. Since Scott & I are veterans of record stores here in Windsor, we will pick some of our favourite bands/artists that we discovered while working in a record store. Basically, the show will resemble another installment of Rewind!

I guess the big news in the British Indie/alternative world this week was the announcement of The Libertines re-uniting for summer festivals. That is if Pete can stay out of trouble/jail until then.
So we open the show with a couple Libertines tracks:

the libertines - don't look back into the sun
the libertines - i get along (original version)
the courteeners - cross my heart and hope to fly
athlete - the unknown
monster movie - in the morning
biffy clyro - whorses
hotrats - queen bitch
the school - is he really coming home?
the moons - torn between two
paul weller - wake up the nation
archie bronson outfit - wild strawberries
codeine velvet club - i would send you roses
the pipettes - stop the music
lovers love haters - sitting still
diamond rings - wait and see
----lp session #1 black swan effect "admission"
black swan effect - falling down
black swan effect - sick
black swan effect - winter sun
black swan effect - please
sunshine underground - we've always been your friends
minotaurs - witches
goldhawks - where in the world
the targets - wake up
kyte - ihnfsa
bonobo - kong
lonelady - army
slow club - let's fall back in love
ou est la swimming pool - these new knights
gold blood - don't waste my time
----lp session #2 futureheads "the chaos"
futureheads - the chaos
futureheads - stop the noise
futureheads - this is the life
futureheads - the baron
buzzcocks - autonomy
buzzcocks - a different kind of tension

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