Sunday, April 25, 2010

Show tracks for Sat. Apr. 24/10

Cowboys & Indies is the 2010 Jammy Award winner for Best Indie/Alternative show on CJAM.
Thanks to all of you who voted. After all these years, it still feels great to win! Sorry I couldn't make it to the awards presentation. But I have figured out that when I go, we lose and I don't go, we
Actually, there is no second thing, except for this:

new young pony club - we want to
gorillaz - on melancholy hill
blur - fools day
ellie goulding - guns and horses
laura marling - blackberry stone
monster movie - help me make it right
nedry - where the dead birds go
the old gits - dreams of a million men
tenpole tudor - swords of a thousand men
bedouin soundclash - midnight rockers
broken social scene - all to all
veronica falls - beachy head
disappearers - everything straight lies
summer camp - ghost train
----lp session #1 kyte "dead waves"
kyte - the smoke saves lives
kyte - your alone tonight
kyte - fear from death
kyte - strangest words and pictures
doves - andalucia
biffy clyro - that golden rule
reef - good feeling
black swan effect - rat in a cage
the school - is he really coming home?
cha-cha - the fellowship
the heartbreaks - liar, my dear
the shimmer - crash
----lp session #2 pin me down "pin me down"
pin me down - treasure hunter
pin me down - oh my goodness
pin me down - meet the selkirks
mystery jets - flash a hungry smile
the lodger - have a little faith in people
we have band - you came out
rolling stones - plundered my soul

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