Sunday, December 6, 2009

Show tracks for Sat. Dec. 5/09

The new sneak previews of big albums in 2010 keep coming. New tracks from These New Puritans, Hot Chip and Late Of The Pier. So much music, so little time!
Only one regular episode left until the big holiday shows. First up is Rewind! and then the Festive 50 countdown shows. It will be 2010 before you can sneeze.

the clientele - i know i will see your face
noah & the whale - slow glass
young rebel set - walk on
the holloways - little johnny went to parliament
the cribs - we were aborted
the wolfmen - coca cola kid
saint etienne - jackie collins existential question time
manic street preachers - jackie collins existential question time
the automatic - interstate
we are the ocean - look alone
the job - gun
these new puritans - we want war
groove armada - warsaw
late of the pier - blueberry
hot chip - one life stand
the draymin - you bring the fire
silver columns - brow beaten
dragonette - by sunglasses
comanechi - mesmerising fingers
race horses - man in my head
los campesinos! - these are listed buildings
joe lean & the jing jang jong - one woman
lp session wetdog "frauhaus!"
wetdog - tidy up your bedroom
wetdog - that man delivers papers
wetdog - night comes down
wetdog - fist face
frankie & the heartstrings - possibilities
long blondes - christmas is cancelled
glasvegas - a snowflake fell (and it felt like a kiss)
sonic avenues - radiation
city of glass - an interest in architecture
biffy clyro - born on a horse
nine black alps - every photograph steals your soul
githead - before tomorrow
rose elinor dougall - fallen over
bon bon club - sex is on fire
gemma ray - tough love
savior adore - take hollow lane

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