Sunday, December 20, 2009

Rewind! show tracks for Sat. Dec. 19/09

Another Rewind! in the books. Hope you enjoyed the musical selections. Congrats to Christian from Ferndale, MI and Tracey from Windsor on winning the cd prize packs. Your cds will be in the mail asap.
The 2009 Festive 50 begins next week at 9:30 pm so don't miss any of the top acts in the British Indie & alternative scene for 2009. Next week we reveal #50-#26.

band aid - do they know it's christmas?
tom jones & cerys matthews - baby, it's cold outside
endgames - first, last, for everything
world of twist - she's a rainbow
stereolab - get carter
mean red spiders - compromise
hurrah! - sweet sanity
field mice - sensitive
jona lewie - stop the cavalry
the delays - long time coming
the pretty things - she's fine, she's mine
the libertines - time for heroes
39 steps - slip into the crowd
orange juice - felicity
sub sub - spaceface
wire - ex-lion tamer
whipping boy - we don't need nobody else
the weekenders - inelegantly wasted in papa's penthouse pad in belgravia
lord sutch and heavy friends - union jack car
new model army - 51st state
24 gone - girl of colours
duran duran - the chauffeur
----30th anniversary album spotlight
the clash - spanish bombs
the clash - guns of brixton
madness - night boat to cairo
madness - bed and breakfast man (peel session)
shed seven - she left me on friday
cub - nicolas bragg
x-ray spex - identity
rialto - monday morning 5:19
cocteau twins - the spangle maker
trans x - living on video
japan - the quiet life

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