Monday, November 30, 2009

Show tracks for Sat. Nov. 28/09

There I thought that the new releases would slow to a trickle. I set up dates for Rewind! #2 and The Festive 50. Then a slew of new releases, some sneak peaks at lps coming out in 2010, like Futureheads, Emma Pollock, Steve Mason and singles from Paul Weller, The Wild Swans and Silver Sun. I think Christmas came early!

fuck buttons - phantom limb
jamie t - the man's machine
the hours - never see you again
the wild swans - liquid mercury
julian casablancas - i wish it was christmas today
pet shop boys - it often doesn't snow at christmas
futureheads - struck down
silver sun - access
city of glass - big ideas
sonic avenues - girls with pearls
spaceman 3 - big city (demo)
paul weller - 7 & 3 is the striker's name
primal scream - i want you (troggs cover)
lp session #1 joe goddard "harvest time"
joe goddard - tinned apricot
joe goddard - half time oranges
joe goddard - lemon & lime (home time)
joe goddard - pineapple chunk
the draymin - love will see you through
codeine velvet club - i am the resurrection
steve mason - all come down
lunar youth - peppermint lounge
emma pollock - hug the harbour
frightened rabbit - nothing like you (bbc 6 session)
frightened rabbit - living in colour (bbc 6 session)
the unwinding hours - knut
lp session #2 nine black alps "locked out from the inside"
nine black alps - salt water
nine black alps - silence kills
nine black alps - along for the ride
men - big fucker
get back guinozzi! - police & thieves
styrofoam ones - o.t.t.a.p.

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