Sunday, November 8, 2009

Show tracks for Sat. Nov. 7/09

Less than a week away, next weeks show will be the world premiere of Cowboys & Indies Rewind! Mark your calendars, hire your babysitters, make the necessary arrangements to make sure that you don't miss the big
Seriously, tune in next week for the first Cowboys & Indies Rewind. The musical history of Cowboys & Indies and it's influences. The only rule is that no music will be played that was released in the last 5 years. So for the first 2 Rewind shows only music from 2004 and earlier will be featured. So tune in and enjoy. Even call or email requests.

ian brown - just like you
richard hawley - don't get hung up in your soul
young rebel set - walk on
the view - double yellow lines
life in film - sorry
idlewild - dreams of nothing
idlewild - all over the town
puressence - raise me to the ground
editors - human
githead - over the limit
sunshine underground - everything right now (sound of sirens)
for those about to love - to save a man
silver starling - closer
parlour steps - the catastrophists
-----lp session #1 biffy clyro "only revolutions"
biffy clyro - god & satan
biffy clyro - born on a horse
biffy clyro - booooom, blast & ruin
biffy clyro - cloud of stink
rose elinor dougall - fallen over
camera obscura - the sweetest thing (request)
the school - and suddenly
brilliant colors - english cities
george washington brown - end of the…
subway - simplex (request)
delphic - alterstate
massive attack - psyche (flash treatment) w/ martina topley-bird
the slits - reggae gypsy
-----lp session #2 brett anderson "slow attack"
brett anderson - hymn
brett anderson - summer
brett anderson - julian's eyes
the cinematics - lips taste like tears
the big pink - dominos (request)
oceansize - legal teens
arctic monkeys - fire & the thud

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