Sunday, September 27, 2009

Show tracks for Sat. Sept. 26/09 Pledge Drive Pt.1


After all the hullabaloo of the pledge drive and frequency switch, we will be debuting a new aspect of our show. The weekly show will remain the same as always, but there is a special addition coming soon. It's still a secret. We'll announce it on our fist show on 99.1FM.

The pledge drive is under way for 2009. Our first of two pledge drive shows was a success raising just under $300. Thanks to all people who pledged their support to CJAM! There is still more time for you to do the very same thing. You also have one more chance to pledge during Cowboys & Indies this coming Saturday night.

The show was a little less music orientated this week because of all the talking. The same thing will happen next week. Because of pre-emptions, the pledge drive, etc there will be only 1 "normal" show in over a month. I do apologize for that, but pledge drives are necessary. We opened the proceedings with a track named for our Pledge Drive this year, Movin' On Up, little did Primal Scream know that they wrote a track for out Pledge Drive some 18 years

primal scream - movin' on up
editors - papillon
jamie t - chaka demus
codeine velvet club - hollywood
northern portrait - new favourite moment
dizzee rascal - bonkers
bad lieutenant - sink or swim
madness - nw5
the action - tv's on the blink
the spores - narcs in my pants

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