Sunday, September 6, 2009

Show tracks for Sat. Sept. 5/09

kasabian - secret alphabets
simple minds - rockin' in the free world
jamie t - chaka demus
calvin harris - ready for the weekend w/ mary pearce
la roux - reflections are protection
simian mobile disco - off the map w/ jamie lidell
editors - papillon
the cinematics - love and terror
good shoes - the way my heart beats
pocketbooks - camera angles
bad lieutenant - sink or swim
what she said - to the top (demo)
woodhands - dancer
-----lp session #1 the cribs "ignore the ignorant"
the cribs - we share the same skies
the cribs - last year's snow
the cribs - emasculate me
the cribs - victim of mass production
codes in the clouds - don't go awash in this digital landscape
we were promised jetpacks - an almighty thud
malcolm middleton - made up your mind
frank turner - the road
the angel hurricane - strange dreams sad memories
idlewild - readers & writers
the rumble strips - sweetheart hooligan
the popes - outlaw heaven w/ spider stacey
katsen - lets build a city
little boots - symmetrty w/ phil oakey
-----lp session #2 athlete "black swan"
athlete - the getaway
athlete - don't hold your breath
lr rockets - renee loves losers
biffy clyro - that golden rule
plastiscines - camera
the jezebels - old little girls

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