Sunday, May 23, 2021

Headphones Baby! Show tracks for Sat. May 22/21

  • working men’s club - y
    the lounge society - burn the heather (savage gary's dub the heather remix)
    andy bell - plastic bag
    wojtek the bear - one thing's for certain
    lost horizons - marie feat marissa nadler
    newdad - slowly
    manic street preachers - orwellian
    desperate journalist - personality girlfriend
    wolf alice  - no hard feelings
    hadda be - take it away
    jane weaver - don't tell me i'm wrong
    liela moss - nummah (penelope isles remix)
    porridge radio - don't ask me twice (dream wife remix)
    oddfellows casino - weeds become hair
    morcheeba - sulphur soul
    morcheeba - namaste
    paul mccartney - long tailed winter bird (damon albarn remix)
    martina topley bird - pure heart
    -----lp session - fightmilk 'contender'   
    fightmilk - lucky coin
    fightmilk - i'm starting to think you don't even want to go to space
    fightmilk - you are not the universe
    the vaccines - headphones baby
    the stranglers - and if you should see dave...
    herbert grönemeyer feat alex silva - i love a man in a uniform
    django django - kick the devil out
    the go! team - pow
    ghetto priest - sway
    paul weller - glad times
    paul weller - testify
    wesley gonzalez & rose elinor dougall - greater expectations
    sissy space echo & the invisible collaborators - this year approximately
    the charlatans - the only one i know
    malady - famous last words
    -----lp session - ritual cloak 'divine invasions'   
    ritual cloak - conversaion (blackmail)
    ritual cloak - accuse history
    ritual cloak - white noise
    black honey - fire
    ash - girl from mars
    the pleasure dome - pretty picture
    bedroom vacation - i’ll see you tonight
    meena - it's ok to be tired
    just mustard - frank
    caroline - skydiving onto the library roof
    squid - resolution square
    squid - the flyover
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