Saturday, May 1, 2021

Cowboys & Indies Monthly Indiessential charts 2021 - April Albums

  •  The Best Of The British Indie/Alternative Scene

    1. NEW LONG LEG  (LP)   ...  Dry Cleaning  (4AD)
    2. GODSPEED  (LP)  ...  Glasvegas  (Go Wow Records)
    3. IF YOU COULD HAVE IT ALL AGAIN  (LP)  ...  Low Island  (Emotional Interference)
    4. FLOWING FADES  (LP)  ...  Saccades  (Fuzz Club Records)
    5. MELTED MEDIUM  (LP)  ...  Firestations  (Lost Map Records)
    6. LA VITA OLISTICA  (LP)  ...  The Orielles  (Heavenly Recordings)
    7. FOR THOSE I LOVE  (LP)  ...  For Those I Love  (September Recordings)
    8. SONG OF CO-AKLAN  (LP)  ...  Cathal Coughlan  (Dimple Discs)
    9. O.M. DAYS  (LP)  ...  Raf Rundell  (Heavenly Recordings)
    10. THIS IS REALLY GOING TO HURT  (LP)  ...  Flyte  (Island)
    11. THE MODESTY BLAISE  (LP)  ...  Modesty Blaise  (From Lo-Fi To Disco)
    12. DISCOVER EFFORTLESS LIVING  (LP)  ...  Bull  (Universal)
    13. ASSEMBLY  (LP)  ...  Joe Strummer  (BMG)
    14. HALF DRUNK UNDER A FULL MOON   (LP)  ...  The Fratellis  (Cooking Vinyl)
    15. SONIC DAY CODAS  (LP)  ...  Submotile  (MotileRev Records)
    16. HOMECOMING  (LP)  ...  Du Blonde  (Daemon T.V./Singing Light Music)
    17. KIND OF SURREAL  (LP)  ...  Three Three Fives  (Three Three Fives)
    18. POLITICAL CHILD  (LP)  ...  Pink Suits  (PinkSuitsBand)
    19. FORTUNE FAVOURS THE STRANGE  (LP)  ...  Black Cat Revue  (Mint 400 Records)
    20. DOWN TO EARTH  (LP)  ...  Gentleman's Dub Club  (The Orchard Music)

    Compiled from playlists, listener requests and dj input for April 2021

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