Sunday, December 6, 2020

Roller State Disco! Show tracks for Sat. Dec. 5/20

  • nadine shah - trad
    dan lyons - thin black duke
    the woodentops - get it on
    arab strap - compersion pt.1
    ian mcnabb - no one tells a lie like a dude with a tie
    the waterboys - dennis hopper
    wendy james - cancel it… i’ll see him on monday
    spotlight kid - roller state disco
    newdad - i don't recognise you
    r.a. downie - the waterfall
    beach riot - blush
    maxïmo park - i don't know what i'm doing
    the lounge society - burn the heather
    gengahr - you're no fun
    ventrelles - county lines
    -----northern soul spotlight   
    retta young - my man is on his way
    crown heights affair - every beat of my heart
    shelly black - no turning back
    silent majority - something new about you
    -----lp session - candy opera 'the patron saint of heartache'   
    candy opera - start all over again
    candy opera - rise (if that's what people want)
    candy opera - there is no love
    pva - sleek form
    cabaret voltaire - night of the jackal
    tricky - doorway (all the way mix) feat. mars blackbird
    halçyon days - palisades
    mumble tide - love thing
    bored at my grandmas house - showers
    midnight alleys - sick clown
    drug store romeos - jim, let's play
    dutch criminal record - 00's nostalgia
    the wild swans - bringing home the ashes
    desert wolves - november
    -----lp session - nile marr 'are you happy now?'   
    nile marr - goes down slow
    nile marr - soft sculptures
    nile marr - perfect crimes
    regent - no going back
    about bunny - special
    youth sector - teeth
    tv face - new anatomies
    suede  - heroine
    the autuers - show girl
    emperor of ice cream - it's alright to show yourself
    ozric tentacles - blooperdome 
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