Sunday, December 13, 2020

Dunce Disco Anthem! Show tracks for Sat. Dec. 12/20

  • tiña - closest shave
    king hannah - crème brûlée
    it's immaterial - kind words
    the blue nile - tinseltown in the rain
    bored at my grandmas house - skin
    pale blue eyes - motionless   
    team picture - quit reading
    glasvegas - my body is a glasshouse (a thousand stones ago)
    the psychedelic furs - wrong train
    the ninth wave - everything will be fine
    white flowers - you caught me
    murmur - shame
    gorillaz - chalk tablet towers (feat. st vincent)   
    sleaford mods - shortcummings
    asain dub foundation - new alignment
    lost horizons - i woke up with an open heart (on-u sound dub mix)
    liam bailey - cold & clear
    -----lp session - emperor of ice cream 'no sound ever dies'   
    emperor of ice cream - sunflower
    emperor of ice cream - again and again
    emperor of ice cream - grow as you are
    goat girl - the crack
    shame - snow day
    saint agnes - this world ain’t big enough
    dead naked hippies - curiosity (dawn)
    foot squeaker - specimen
    home counties - will bod
    sissy space echo & the invisible collaborators - the day the earth caught fire   
    the cool greenhouse - the end of the world
    gentle stranger - dunce disco anthem
    nightshift - make kin
    tacsidermi - gwir
    -----lp session - are we static 'accepting the universe'   
    are we static - rollercoaster
    are we static - baeleric
    are we static - heart stops   
    nancy - pleasure pen
    longview - further
    silvermash - rompecabeza
    the telescopes - mesmerised
    harold budd & cocteau twins - eyes are mosaics
    harold budd & brian eno - foreshadowed
    robin guthrie & harold budd - forever changed 
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