Sunday, September 6, 2020

It's Summer And I Don't Feel Like Smiling! Show tracks for Sat. Sept. 5/20


  •  cat sfx - doom generation
    the clockworks - can i speak to a manager?
    the shambolics - love collides (2017 demo)
    soot sprite - it's summer and i don't feel like smiling
    black honey - beaches
    pins - set me off
    stealing sheep - barrcuda (heart cover)
    the big moon - praise you (BBC live session)    
    travis - the only thing feat susanna hoffs
    the wytches - meat chuck
    heavy salad - it's ok to bleed
    hanya - texas
    new haunts - cleanse
    the magic gang - what have you got to lose    
    the magic gang - (the world) outside my door
    bdrmm - gush
    winter gardens - zigzanny
    sourdough - my lines
    -----northern soul spotlight    
    the presidents - girl you cheated on me
    ralph graham - ain't no need
    steve flanagan - i need to be loved so bad
    mirage - can't stop a man in love    
    -----lp session - bloxx 'lie out loud'    
    bloxx - 5000 miles
    bloxx - changes
    bloxx - swimming
    the charlatans - here comes a soul saver
    juju wings - hello friends!
    halloweens - lights on baby
    jealous of the birds - something holy
    pauline murray - shadow in my mind    
    dream nails - swimming pool
    dream nails - payback
    jim bob - kidstrike!
    jim bob - if it ain't broke
    regent - dirty little sinner
    polarized eyes - sinner
    lemon drink - manic
    cassia - don't make a scene    
    -----lp session - private world 'aleph'    
    private world - hypnagogia
    private world - magic lens
    private world - jones to engel (pierrot)
    arab strap - the first big weekend
    jarv is    - house music all night long
    temples - paraphernalia
    demons of ruby mae - come home
    perlee    - sticky blood
    jim bob - you're cancelled and we're done
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