Sunday, September 27, 2020

Halcyon Days! Show tracks for Sat. Sept. 26/20

  •  dream nails - corporate realness
    dream wife - hold on me
    bloxx - off my mind
    bradford - like water
    andy bell - i was alone
    magick mountain - the creeper
    tiña - people     
    ian brown - little seed big tree
    sinead o'brien - most modern painting
    billy nomates - supermarket sweep
    jealous of the birds - hardon collider
    jealous of the birds - pulaski skyway
    rose gray - same cloud
    black honey - run for cover     
    sunship balloon - hashtag world
    sunship balloon - halcyon days
    bang bang romeo - starve
    pillow queens - liffey
    -----northern soul spotlight    
    the true pages of life - truth and love
    wendy lynn - i can remember
    sharon ridley - where did you learn to make love the way you do
    matthew white - stone cold soul sister    
    -----lp session - young knives 'barbarians'    
    young knives - red cherries
    young knives - sheep tick
    young knives - only a god
    gruff rhys - limited edition heart (basement version)
    tunng - death is the new sex
    kate bush - mother stands for comfort
    cocteau twins - fifty-fifty clown
    fenne lily - solipsism    
    the cribs - i don't know who i am feat lee ranaldo
    pelts - london runner
    jetstream pony - if not now, when
    swansea sound - corporate indie band
    tugboat captain - day to day
    landshapes - the ring
    accü - is there a world?
    -----lp session - idles 'ultra mono'    
    idles - war
    idles - carcinogenic
    idles - reigns
    doves - broken eyes
    everything everything - black hyena
    i like trains - patience is a virtue
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