Sunday, September 1, 2019

Teenage Kicks! Show tracks for Sat. Aug. 31/19

John Peel would have turned 80 on Friday, Aug. 30th. Since he is our idol here at Cowboys & Indies and a major influence on Scott & I starting this show 30 years ago, we pay tribute to the British radio icon. One of his lasting contributions to music is the 'Peel Session'. Tonight we will feature a selection of Peel Sessions as well as a handful of new releases and a couple LP Sessions. We open the broadcast just as John did so long ago by playing Teenage Kicks twice in a row, with actual audio from Sept. 25/1978. Happy Birthday John Peel, your legacy is still being felt today. This is a quote of his which holds true for me til this day.
the undertones - teenage kicks (played twice by john peel)
the fall - cruisers creek (peel session 3/6/85)
mystery jets - history has its eyes on you
the field mice - sundial (peel session 1/04/90)
fuzzy sun - i ain't right
billy bragg - a new england (peel session 27/7/83)
black doldrums - mae's desire
jesus & mary chain - you trip me up (peel session 10/23/84)
whyte horses - ├ža plane pour moi (plastic bertrand cover)
the primitives - stop killing me (peel session 9/30/86)
los bitchos - frozen margarita
spiritualized - the sound of confusion (peel session 1/31/95)
king of the slums - venerate me utterly (peel session 4/12/88)
squid - match bet
stump - buffalo (peel session 1/26/86)
she drew the gun - trouble every day (frank zappa cover)
hurtling - summer
broadcast - the world backwards (peel session 9/15/96)
stereolab - the flower called nowhere
-----lp session - futureheads 'powers'
futureheads - across the border
futureheads - electric shock
futureheads - headcase
the ninth wave - imitation
heart throbs - in vain (peel session 4/11/89)
house of love - destroy the heart (peel session 7/6/88)
the memory fades - space pilot
kitchens of distinction - mad as snow (peel session 8/29/92)
that petrol emotion - can't stop (peel session 6/11/85)
queen cult - shindigger
the flaming stars - the face on the bar room floor (peel session 6/15/95)
gallon drunk - ruby (peel session 7/14/91)
life - bum hour
-----lp session - the s.l.p. 'the s.l.p.'
the s.l.p. - lockdown
the s.l.p. - soldiers 00018
the s.l.p. - meanwhile…in the silent nowhere
bombay bicycle club - eat, sleep, wake (nothing but you)
oasis - slide away
manic street preachers - faster


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