Sunday, September 22, 2019

Kids Addicted! Show tracks for Sat. Sept. 21/19

hollie cook - dance in the sunshine
honeyblood - twisting the aces
field music - only in a man's world
red rum club - kid's addicted
sinead o'brien - a thing you call joy
comet gain - we're all fucking morons
hmltd - loaded
declan mckenna - british bombs
stereophonics - bust this town
liam gallagher - now that i've found you
liam gallagher - halo
blitz vega - lost and found
supergrass - mary
black box recorder - uptown top ranking
cocteau twins - carolyn's fingers
jemma freeman & the cosmic something - keytar (i was busy)
the motorcycle boy - big rock candy mountain
sunship balloon - up on the moon
-----northern soul spotlight
the caesars - girl i miss you
gloria edwards - (need nobody to help me) keep up with my man
peggy gaines - when the boy that you love
fred waters - don't let it get you down, boy
-----lp session - girl band 'the talkies'
girl band - couch combover
girl band - aibophobia
girl band - caveat
silent forum - spin
flowvers - she don't talk about it
the flavians - eloise
darling buds - free world (kirsty maccoll cover)
mark morriss - holiday of a lifetime
mark morriss - rimini
king nun - low flying dandelion
italia 90 - an episode
lumer - white tsar
one true pairing - i'm not afraid
one true pairing - dawn at the factory
-----lp session - life 'a picture of good health'
life - excites me
life - half pint fatherhood
life - niciities
flyte - sometimes
ian mcculloch - proud to fall
chappaqua wrestling - is she happy turning on her side?
the music - welcome to the north
dead naked hippies - eyes wide


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