Sunday, April 7, 2019

Loop Variations! Show tracks for Sat. Apr. 6/19

drahla - stimulus for living
clinic - rubber bullets
good cop bad cop - silk and leather
peter doherty & the puta madres - paradise is under your nose
cut glass kings - dream in the dark
the franklys illusions
hands off gretel - s.a.s.s.
hands off gretel - it's my fault
clean cut kid - carry you
clean cut kid - can't hide the feeling
hot chip - hungry child
a certain ratio - houses in motion (talking heads cover)
new order - ceremony (alt version)
gang of four - change the locks
madonnatron - goodnight little empire
walt disco - drowning in your velvet bed
adam ant - desperate but not serious
the human league - i love you too much
bob vylan - down
sleaford mods - discourse
asian dub foundation - naxalite (adrian sherwood mad scientist mix)
gary clail soundsystem - ring the changes
gary clail soundsystem - dub the changes
-----lp session - idlewild 'interview music'
idlewild - there's a place for everything
idlewild - i almost didn't notice
idlewild - miracles
crass - you're already dead
the freshies - i can't get bouncing babies by the teardrop explodes
the teardrop explodes - like leila khaled said
the proper ornaments - apologies
the proper ornaments - in the garden
these new puritans - beyond black suns
jane weaver - slow motion (loops variation)
w.h. lung - bring it up
w.h. lung - empty room
-----lp session - rose elinor dougall 'a new illusion'
rose elinor dougall - that's where the trouble starts
rose elinor dougall - new illusion
rose elinor dougall - too much of not enough
ultravox - one small day
girl one & the grease guns - (it's a) warning sign (blue lights)
girl one & the grease guns - the multiples (is no good for me)


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