Sunday, April 21, 2019

It's A Mystic Trip! Show tracks for Sat. Apr. 20/19

naz nomad & the nightmares - i had too much to dream (last night)
spaceman 3 - losing touch with my mind (northhampton demo)
julian cope - sunspots
the icicle works - nirvana
the marble staircase - the long weekend
the legendary pink dots - waving at the aeroplanes
the dream factory - the haze
boo radleys - aldous
primal scream - imperial
the jasmine minks - mr. magic
biff bang pow! - five minutes in the life of greenwood goulding
the revolving paint dream – flowers in the sky
the times - oranges and lemons
jane from occupied europe - parade
the shamen - christopher mayhew says
the wolfhounds - another hazy day on the lazy "a"
the primitives - ocean blue
the monochrome set - on the thirteenth day
robyn hitchcock - it's a mystic trip
the stone roses - don't stop
the charlatans - opportunity
inspiral carpets - 26
the stairs - i remember a day (home demo)
blow-up - what is in your mind
the sea urchins - a morning odyssey
rosemary's children - (at the) end of the corridor
ultra vivid scene - staring at the sun
magic mushroom band - you can be my l.s.d.
the dentists - you took me by surprise
pale saints - way the world is
the telescopes - everso
the third eye - pass myself
blue orchids - work
future daze - connect
the seers - psych out
paul roland - in the opium den
c cat trance - shake the mind
one thousand violins - please don't sandblast my house
captain sensible - exploding heads and teapots (past their prime)
the moonflowers - we dig your earth
the prisoners - in from the cold
gaye bykers on acid - t.v. cabbage
doctor & the medics - barbara can't dance (demo)


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  1. Way to go Marc. Thank you for these great songs and excellent, informative show. You are the man.