Sunday, February 17, 2019

Slight Disconnects! Show tracks for Sat. Feb. 16/19

New provincial government legislation could cut campus media funding by 3/4 or more. This would mean an extremely uncertain future for all campus/community radio stations as well as University media outlets, ex newspapers, across Ontario. See what you can do to help as well as getting more information. Stations, like CJAM, need you to speak up now! Follow the link for more info.

gemma ray - death tapes
lauran hibberd - sugardaddy
lexytron - i'm not a disco
foals - on the luna
saltwater - sun blood
maps - just reflecting
ten fé - here again
the house of love - shine on 1990
yonaka - bad company
ladytron - you've changed
ladytron - horrorscope
talkboy - someone else for you
lost under heaven - serenity says
catfish & the bottlemen - fluctuate
pulp - razzmatazz
suede - stay together
manic street preachers - you love us
blur - i'm just a killer for your love
mark stewart - favour
the specials - the life and times (of a man called depression)
codewalkers - part of the pride
monks road social feat dr robert - lost in rasa
-----lp session - piroshka 'brickbat'
piroshka - this must be bedlam
piroshka - never enough
piroshka - hated by the powers that be
stereophonics - chaos from the top down
teenage fanclub - your love is the place where i come from
spc eco - breathing
spc eco - gloria sudafed
pet shimmers - feels hz feat goat girl
-----lp session - bis 'slight disconnects'
bis - dracula, you broke my heart
bis - there is no point (other than the point there is no point)
bis - the big sunshine
seatbelts - spanish songs
-----lp session - stats 'other people's lives'
stats - lose it
stats - raft
stats - from a high sky
the pale fountains - just a girl
mammoth penguins - i wanna
sea girls - open up your head


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