Sunday, February 24, 2019

Last Exit To Nowhere! Show tracks for Sat. Feb. 23/19

doves - pounding
embrace - all you good good people
madonnatron - sucker punch
the wedding present - you only live twice
how we got giraffes - statue
boyracer - teardrops
velveteen riot - peaches
sleeper - the sun also rises
johnny marr - armatopia
gemma ray - land of make believe
gemma ray - roll on river
sundara karma - little smart houses
du blonde - baby talk
the klf - what time is love? (kick out the jams)
sleaford mods - o b c t
sleaford mods - subtraction
delta 5 - mind your own business
magazine - twemty years ago
-----northern soul spotlight
the trilons - i'm the one
the stereos - mumblin' word
the martiniques - broken hearted me
cyvonne scott - you lost your good thing
-----lp session drenge 'strange creatures'
drenge - teenage love
drenge - prom night
drenge - when i look into your eyes
teenage fanclub - everything is falling apart
attic lights - louis
honey lung - stuttering mind
the pale fountains - (there's always) something on my mind
spinn - is there something that i missed
spotlight - kid shivers
the auteurs - american guitars
clean cut kid - i don't like you but i love you
the underground youth - last exit to nowhere
beauty sleep - the dark
toy - strangulation day (cosey fanni tuttie mix)
-----lp session - desperate journalist 'in search of the miraculous'
desperate journalist - murmurations
desperate journalist - jonatan
desperate journalist - black net
wovonka gentle - sin is crouching at your door (sad puppy!)
circa waves - times won't change me
witching waves - eye 2 eye


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